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Sunday, 23 December 2007

harressed n threaten by 3policemen

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tq mr. policemen

DAMN u mr.policemen! but 1st of all i hav to say tq bcoz if not bcz of u guys, i wont b blogging again. terima kasih!! kamsiah!! setinggi-tinggi penghargaan to 3of u!! nandri!

n now, back to the real business! the purpose of this blog is not to say tq to you 3damn policemen! but i want to let the malaysians noe that how lousy, stupid n tak professional u ppl r!! read my story n watch the video then u all will understand!!

i was talking to my gf, faizah by the road side of Jalan Kampar near her house on 23dec 07 at around 3.25pm after dropping a jantan cat which was rescued by us after it fell down from a tree. suddenly a police car stop in front of us. 3policemen in uniform rushed out n kepung us. dey asked 4our ic. were shocked la bcoz we din do anyting wrong. we din touch each other or being suspicious. furthermore, we din hide in a dark place. she was standing on the road while i was sitting on my bike. the weather was damn hot. so, my gf asked y they want my ic bcoz how do we know they r the real policemen. nobody has the right to take ur identity card frm u!! we got our right to do so. the policemen said we r lawyer buruk n scolded us 4questioning dem.

a policeman asked me y im holding a camera. my answer was “saja ler, i like to take photos”. faizah added n said im a freelancer. as a result of that, one of dem threaten to catch her to frighten us. the damn policeman was misusing his power to shut up our mouth!! we were categorised as budak kecik n lawyer buruk-so we must obey their instructions buta-buta othou we know dat it is wrong!! Mana boleh a lady sit n follow 3policemen in a car to a police station?!! Wat if they do sumting bad on her in the car? This is against the law!! If a lady is caught n nid to b bring back 2the police station, thr must b at least 1 policewoman b in the car! I asked faizah 2run home n ask 4her mum's help. so at the end, i gave dem my ic. Dey checked my motor. Check every inche of my motor. My bakul they checked. The hole below my seat oso they checked. A small hole under the handle oso they want to check. Aih… faizah's mum said sorila macam we all yang salah. but we refused to do so. KAMI TAK BERSALAH!

the policemen claimed that we din respect dem! WTF??!! we din scold or being rude to dem oso!! they blahh off after dat!! Thanks to faizah’s mum. But pity faizah kena marah. After that, faizah saw the same policemen stopping an indon women somewhr near her house.. i duno wat the hell is wrong wif the 3policemen!! Pissed off betoi la!! Fuh… im glad I managed to curi-curi record the whole incident. Luckily I pndai cover n buat bodoh n press the button. I duno wats gona happen if the policemen want to c my camera. I din ask 4their ID. Ask for the reason y we hav to give dem our IC oni has caused so many tings. I dare not to imagine if we question more. I remember one of the policemen’s name-Rodzi. 3of dem are malays. This is wat we get after we helped a disabled man on a wheel car to cross the road n a cat which fell down frm a tree.

im stil WONDERING y the h**l they want to c our ic. n they nvr ask 4my driving license also. takde kerja lain ke? y suddenly wana stop the car n cari pasai? were we doing something bad?? gila!! pls la if u all r so free, p hapus rasuah, buat rondaan di cyber cafe, tlong jaga trafik, bagi saman kat kereta yang stop kat kotak kuning, jawab panggilan kecemasan dgn cepat, serbulah kedai-kedai vcd cetak rompak n serbu sarang pelacuran!! jangan duk bazir duit rakyat dan duduk dlm ofis je atau bwa kereta melelong sana sini n cri mangsa!

Ei polis, boleh balik la!! jangan bawa malu kat PDRM!! jgn bwa malu kat keluarga, bangsa, agama dan negara u!! ingat, suatu hari nanti u mesti kena belasah teruk2!! jangan duk claim urself jaga keamanan. pungkok ang jaga keamanan!! rakyat dah bersyukur kalau u tak kacau kita orang tanpa sebab. jangan duk pakai tag "saya ANTI RASUAH" tapi tangan duk buka luas2 tunggu habuan jatuh. if tak minta, org pun tak bagi!! balik ke akademi n blaja LAW dulu sebelum nak kuatkuasakan LAW. BENCI!!

The incident is true! It really happened! Watch the video to get a better picture of what actually happened! Im not lying!! Ini kisah benar! Help me to spread this video. Tq!

*sebagai balasan atas perbuatan sang polis, patutla rakyat pun fobia kat polis. Hehe.