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Saturday, 10 July 2010

YOU are quoted

"Don't let someone become your everything because when they're gone, you have nothing."

~ Chealene Tan
~ 10/7/2010
~ via FB

NEVER direct a photographer what to do

You can suggest but you can never direct a photographer what kind of pictures to take. This is a disgrace, unethical and disrespectful act for them. wahahah!

For your information, photographer is like a script writer, narrator and director for an image.

They know what they are doing and what message they wana convey.

Thank you. hahahahah.

quotable quote

A hero is born among a hundred, a wise man is found among a thousand, but an accomplished one might not be found even among a hundred thousand men.

~ Plato

QUOTE of the day

"Sometimes people go anywhere to look for love, they dont know that love is everywhere."

~ Chia Liang
~ 9/7/2010

my pic in The Star

This is the print screen of The Star website.

This is the original photo.

Good Morning!

I just had a good KICK START of the day.

i just woke up and the first thing i did was to checked out Thumbnails in The Star website.

hohoho my picture is there!

BIG smile on my face. =p

i can sense the picture is gona come out today. betul la. sixth sense la bratha.

im so happy now. this is the first time in this semester Thumbnails accept my photo. The last my photo appeared in Thumbnails was back in 15/3/2010. It's like 4months ago..

oh by the way i forgot everything bad that happened yesterday. forgive and forget. i always make mistakes also what. so fair and square la. no one is perfect. and like my friend said, all this does not matter anymore after 6months. so why care so much....

i have so many things to do. and im gona make myself BUSY today. after i've done what i wanted to do then i only i tell la ye. later tell d tak jadi tak best la. hehe.

today is gona be a good day.