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Thursday, 25 February 2010

it is holidays again

It’s holidays again. tomorrow is a  public holiday. It’s Maulidur Rasul, birthday of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.

Westlake is quiet again. most of the students take this opportunity to go back to their hometown. Some still in CNY mood.

This means I’ll have holidays from Friday to next Monday. 4 days of break. Wow.

It was drizzling just now but the whether is still very hot. I’ve taken my shower, did my laundry n hung my clothes.

I had Ghee Tossai + sugar n a banana for my dinner.

Im goin back to Penang again tomorrow. my bus at 7.15pm tomorrow. y so late? Cz I wana get better first and I wana do some houseworks and stuff about studies la. I know I won’t do anything in Penang. So before I go back, I’ll have time to repair my bicycle, do my assignments and have vege lunch at Rajina’s hse. =p

I must go back to Penang because:
1. There are a lot of events happening this weekend.
2. I need to help my senior to get a Nikon DSLR D3000.
3. Korek pics for photography competitions.
4. Get my clothes to Kampar.
5. Repair my speedlite.
6. Buy a backpack beg.
7. Get an international driving license.
8. Bring back tissue n pangsaicua.
9. Get my anti-virus n laptop hardwares.
10. Bring my stationary and drawing materials.
11. Buy a new helmet for my dad and put it back secretly to his bike.
12. Buy a headphone.
13. Count my Ang Pow’s $ n bank in $.
14. Bring CNY cookies, oranges etc back to Kampar.
15. Sew my sweater's zip.
16. Attend a chinese TV drama audition.

I can just go back tonight but I didn’t. so weird la. its ok. Apa dah jadi I pun xtau la.

still half dead

good morning people. It’s dinner time and I just woke up.

I’ve been sleepig since 4pm ++. I skipped 3 classes n 1 midterm test. whoa! WhAT a record. This is the first time I skip classed the whole day and first time I didn’t take my midterm test.

I actually went to Uni just now to take the test but then I left few minutes before the test because I couldn’t do it la. too sick. my Friends persuade me to go back n rest. I went to the hospital to check up n get the MC.

My lecturer, Miss Chiok had ‘lou sang’ with my classmates after the test. jealousnya. A bit sad la. feel bad I didn’t attend her class n test today. My friend didn’t call me to the ‘lou sang’ cz they know im not feeling well.

I received a sms while im sleeping. it’s from her, wishing me to recover soon. Haha. I had a dream in the afternoon. Then, I got a real sms at night. Can i say its a dream comes true? =p

Im still half dead, hungry. I think Ai Loon is right. I sing ‘Cit Lang Cit Pnua’ too much till I sick. Hahaha.

i OFFICIALLY skipped clas


i just woke up! i officially skipped 2 classes in this semester. it's not for fun ok but im really sick. im not ok. i feel so miserable ok. flu, fever, sorethroat, migrain n watsoeva yang sama waktu denganya.

i made a vow not to skip any classes but i have to break my record this time because sorry la im SICK. i can force myself to go to class but no point, i can't concentrate n i'll keep sneezing etc. I can't even move my ass out of my room la.

i have 2 classes from 9.30am but i've been sleeping till now.

you know why i wake up?? cz i had a dream!

i dreamt that my friends told me the midterm at 2pm later is postponed. i was so happy u noe. then in my dream, i saw her post something on my Facebook. it says 'hi babe i can't call you because im so busy. I hope you'll recover soon.'

haha! i was so happy that i straight away woke up n sat on my bed. but then i only realised it was just a dream.

n now it's almost 1pm. i still have midterm test at 2pm.

the panadols are not working. kenot pakai la! ish! i dun hav time to go see doctor la. n im the type that won't see doctor if im sick.

the coffee / caffeine that i took this morning also powerless. ISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSH!

i realised i that i always sick when im back in Kampar.

QUOTE of the day

"The friend is the man who knows all about you, and still likes you."

~ Elbert Hubbard

4 hours 4 tablets

here i am. awake. sick. cannot sleep.

i feel asleep just now after i post the previous blog. then i woke up because i was so not ok. and im awake till now.

i took 4tablets of panadol already in 4 hours. NO effect.

GRRRHHHH! i need to sleep la!! im having midterm tomorrow leh.