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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

pesan mama

Mama gua selalu pesan jangan buat jahat kat orang. Dia kata hari ni kalau u buat jahat kat orang, nanti hari esok orang akan buat jahat kat u pula. 


sigh of relief

*photo by Hah Haw Yeen*


I hope this will be my last semester.

Yes, i am working towards it.

If it's materialised, then i can have a sigh of relief.

I will be very glad because i don't have to trouble anyone anymore.

I'm a trouble maker.

I always need people's help.

Some were forced to lend a hand.

But for those who did it willingly, i thank you.

I can't repay your good deeds but you will be given merits by your Creator.

I was lazy... I was lazy yesterday. But i'm a little hardworking today.

I jogged. I studied for tomorrow's midterm. And i did my assignment.

One step by one step la.

After exam, i will be free. I need a break, an escapade.

I'll go for a meditation course. Maybe i'll go travel as well. Most importantly, be away from the internet as much as possible for some time.

I feel calmer now after listening to Buddhist chanting and music. It's nice you know especially when my room is clean and full with aroma from the candle burner. =p