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Monday, 12 December 2011

quote of the day

Everyone is valuable and priceless. Take time to figure out your selling point. You can be very expensive. =p


Counting down the last days in Kampar. I am so gona leave this place soon. Kampar is not a boring place at all. I’m enjoying it since the day I came to check out UTAR. I’ll definitely miss every single moment here. Before I leave, I wana repeat those crazy and memorable things I did in the past 3 years, meet those people that made my study life colourful, explore places that I’ve never been to, and take a closer look into Kampar.

Roti John for sale

Roti john for sale! Hot hot from the hawker! Original price RM2. Now selling for RM1.50 only. Siapa cepat dia dapat. Cepat sementara stok masih ada. Sedap sehingga menjilat jari dan kuku. Sos banyak basah wet wet! Tarikh tutup pembelian ini malam 11/12/11. okla siapa mau i kasi free. =p

*actually im fulled already. Cannot masuk perut anymore la..