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Monday, 28 February 2011

QUOTE of the day

Don't be afraid. Hold firm on your principles. Keep fighting for what you believe in. Just say what you need to say. Just do whatever you need to do.

namo namo

let's start off the day with..

Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato Samma Sambuddhassa
Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato Samma Sambuddhassa
Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato Samma Sambuddhassa

jumping high

Venue: Kilang Gula, Perlis.

*car travelling with Pei Suang, Jing Wen and Elween.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Oh My Blog!!

My blog not that good huh??

Mr Nixon complained that my layout makes her eyes pain and browser hangs upon loaidng the page??

really ah?

Yeala yeala true also about the browser hang thingy cuz in one page, i have 100 posts. nevermind i reduced it to 50 posts already.

ABout the layout thing, black and white no good is it? You cannot read ah? Your eyes cannot accept black and white one is it?? read already, mata can tercabut hor??

i don't know how to design my blog la. very leceh one u tau ka.

how do u want me to modify my blog's layout? you tell me, i listen.

I know my blog is full of words, no pictures, very boring.

okok i will post more photos and videos lo.

My blog really that bad, ugly and not interesting ah??

Thursday, 24 February 2011

YOU are quoted

"Whatever you study, it doesn't matter. What you are at the end of the day, that matters."

~ Miss Ilma
~ Media Ethics tutor
~ 24/2/2011

*Wah!! so ada umpph la!!

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

dear JR-ians..

Im so happy to bumped into Sara at the pasar malam just now.

we had a 10mins chat. I felt like it has been yearsss since i talked to her. She's always that nice and sweet. She helped me a lot throught my studies here in Kampar and she has been a good companion all this while.

But of course things slightly changed in this semester. But Sara is still the Sara that i knew. =p


I know i have not been a good friend to my friends.

sometimes i wish i can turn back the time to do better.

I never regret i chose Journalism as my course.

Not because i love the nature of this field but the big people up in the Heaven has given me a beautiful bunch of coursemates.

and i feel so 遗憾 that i never got to know them deeply, be in the circle of family.

anyhow, wherever and whatever they do in the future, i always and always pray and care for them.

after this semester, we'll go for internship. then we left about 3 months being together before we graduate end of this year.

how many more times we'll see each other, jokes around, celebrate birthdays, go yumcha, do assignments together, argue, debate in class, have BBQ, have steamboat, ronda and explore together under the rain, hiking and got lost, play like kids at the waterfall, cycle everywhere, go karaoke, make noise in university, cover news together, produce funny video and radio ad, play childhood games by the lake, and camwhore?

I wish all of you who's applying for your internship, all the best. Don't hesitate like me. I know you are not. =p Hope you'll get the company that you want. make use of these 3 months.

to my friend who's applying to go to Cambodia for her internship, i pray hard that you'll get it. Don't worry you will. Don't missed this opportunity. Peluang tak datang dua kali..

Friends, go for your dreamsss although it seem impossible.

My eyes are watery while im writing this. I miss all of them so much. And i'm gona miss them even more during this internship.

i think during my semester break, i can start with my project already, to write each and everyone of them a letter. it's gona be a looong one. =p

To everyone out there, no points having thousands of friends in Facebook when you already have true friends in front of you. We always look for something which we already have. Appreciate what's in front of us at the present.

I'm grateful that my coursemates are there when i need them.

I'm sorry for my kecilakaness.

To my dear JR-ians Januray 2009 intake, I love you all..

I really do..


everyone is so busy, stress and moody lately. but SMILE.. hold ur chin up high! tmr will alwaz b a better day. da world has so much to giv. frens r alwaz thr 2support. miracles do happen. jz do ur best. remember, SMILE. =p

busy --> stress --> down

I never meant to be emo.

I don't want.

But the situation makes me to feel that way.

This semester is a very hectic, packed, stresful and important semester.

I have to deal with Internship application, Final Year Project, assignments, SRC etc etc.

I feel the time i spend with my friends are getting less.

No personal quality time at all.

Yea before this we had a lot of public holidays. It's not a good thing ok cuz it makes all of us so lazy. But i know that is not a good reason not to do your works.

I need to talk to people. To express myself. But everyone also busy. I don't wana bother anyone. My friends are busy too.

I actually just came back from discussion. I haven't taken my dinner and my shower. Came back home around 6pm, took a nap and rushed for discussion at 8pm.

I'm having a presentation tomorrow with Jing Wen and Jie Ee.

As usual, Jing Wen always say something and do another thing. This is her style. She won't express something directly. cilaka right. hahaha.

I feel i really get down to work seriously since last week.

Why.. Cuz time is running out.

What i should do is less blogging and less FB.

Always set my priority!

My roomate is already sleeping and the light is still on because i'm doing my assignment. i feel so bad la..

nvm, he is very understanding. I'll go eat my burger, take my shower and continue with my assignment.

All the best for my friends too.

Last but not least, happy birthday to Xiang Lin and Jing Wen. I love you all. =p

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

YOU are quoted

"You people should know where you people come from."

~ Mr. Chye Kooi Leong
~ Historian from Kampar
~ 22/2/2011

when i'm sleepy..

I am so DAMN sleepy right now ah.

Slept so late last night and wake up so early for 8am class.


Sleepy make me so moody and crazy!

Can’t concentrate in the class. Pancing here pancing there.

When I am sleepy, I will be either:

1)      Talk nonsense and do some crazy stuff.


2)      Get moody and angry easily, simply scold people.

Oh I prefer the former. At least I don’t scold people. But I’ll do crazy stuff that can make people go crazy like simply hi, simply oik, knock people’s butt or talk rubbish.

Monday, 21 February 2011

QUOTE of the day

If you want a change, you MUST not always compromise to the administrators but MAKE a stand for the change that you want!

BIG things to do



yes yes busy.

will be busy from this week this April.

In fact many of us started to be busy from last month.

a lot of things to do this semester.


but for tonight...

I want to accomplish 3 tasks!

3 is enough la. Not too less, not too much.

at least i have an aim and i'm working on it.

It's ok if you say out your dream and then you can't achieve it.

how can you say people cakap kosong?

A dream is not an empty entity. You dare to achieve something for yourself.

Whether you achive it or not, it's another matter.

I'm actually feeling so sleepy right now. Doctor ask me don't take coffee must i can't resist it.


i wana done these things before i sleep tonight.

1) Assignment

2) Sponsorship letter and proposal

3) Confirm and inform SRC Monthly Dialogue Session

4) Resume

5) Send application form to be the staff for March Introduction Weekend

* I'm really stress. What i hope from friends is just an understanding and care. That'll all to keep someone keep on fighting.

knife in the heart

Tonight is the most painful night ever in Kampar for this semester.

i feel so hard to close my eyes and sleep.

I try so hard not to think of what they said but the pain is already there.

The wound is getting bigger.

It keeps bleeding.

The pain is totally unbearable.

Words are soul killer.

When it is already being said, it can't be retract.

Let's try to imagine this, a knife just cut ur hand, and it's expose to air, water and salt, how do u feel?

That's not the worse.

I'm feeling as if a long sharp blade just stabbed and pierced through my heart.

My pulse is getting faster.

My body temperature is getting higher.

My heart is physically painful ok..

okok, why should i care so much of what people say.

Because these 2 people are someone to me.

They are the people i love.

yea yea, they don't mean what they say right..

The first person said:

“Go die lah you.”


that was in the afternoon.

then in the evening, another person said:

“yes u are good of nothing, u only know to blame, u only talk bout urself, do u listen to others?u only know to find me when u nid sum1 to talk,to eat,to revise. u urself is the superior, u are self-centered, u are bad guy....if u stand in my shoes, u will found tht im juz relief to get a reliable, responsible junior, tht's all, nothing much bout da comparison.tok tok tok, wan tok till i die ar? ting tong ting tiang.”

fine.. whatever la.

forgive and forget!

hold no grudge.

you'll only feel happy when you can let go.

Good night.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

You and I - Wilco

ahhh.. this song just cheer me up on this emo night.

you know ah..

lepas makan, kenalah BERAK. that's what u call healthy lifestyle. yehhh..


Saturday, 19 February 2011

YOU are quoted

Life cannot be perfect. There are always flaws in any way.

~ 18/2/2011
~ Cheong Jing Wen

Friday, 18 February 2011

short and sweet

I was having a dinner with a friend and i told her that my good friend, Ah Suang is going to backpack alone. Ah Suang loves adventurous stuff and she's up for anything. She'll go for her dreams. And whatever she does, i'm happy for her and always support her.

Below is my conversation with my friend. It's short but i feel it's sweet and meaningful. =p

My friend: It’s dangerous to go alone. Her parents won’t be worried meh?

Me: Of course they will. But this is her dream. When only she can do things for her ownself and not for the interest and happiness of others? If we have a dream, we must achieve it.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Rakan Selawat -Raihan

I love nasyid songs.

My favourite nasyid group is Raihan. My all-time favorite nasyid group since my primary school.

I used to listen to their songs a lot. I even know how to sing it although there are some Arabic words.


Test me. I can sing the whole song ok.

Ok since today is the Prophet Muhammad’s birthday, let’s listen to nasyid song la ok.

bye bye photos

Di saat getir keganasan hujan yang melimpah tak henti-henti membanjiri bumi disertai dengan guruh dan petir yang mengganas mengamuk bagaikan dirasuk syaitan jembalang iblis hantu pontianak toyol..

I’ve happily but nostalgically deleted some old personal photos from FB.

No more sentitive photos.

I've move forward, so might as well delete some memories of the past.. from the internet la, not memories.

jom makan!

Happy Maulidul Rasul

Kepada semua kawan-kawan beragama Islam,

Selamat menyambut Hari Keputeraan Nabi Muhammad S.A.W.

Semoga pada hari yang mulia dan bermakna ini, marilah kita semua umat sejagat yang berlainan agama, bangsa, kaum, bahasa dan keturunan untuk berbaik-baik, hidup bersatu-padu, tolong-menolong dan membina ummah yang lebih teguh.

Sama-samalah kita lebih taat kepada tuhan dan agama masing-masing.

Lebihkan berpahala dan hindarilah perkara yang tidak baik.

Jangan kita merendah-rendah ataupun menghina agama dan kepercayaan orang lain. Sesungguhnya setiap agama itu mengajar kita perkara yang baik dan yang tidak baik semuanya datang daripada kita.

Selamat Hari Maulidul Rasul.

QUOTE of the day

When you walk too fast, you missed the things at the back. When you walk too slow, you missed the things ahead of you. In life, walk moderately, not too slow, not too fast.

Monday, 14 February 2011

pat tor thnia

Sakit perut yang teramat-amat sangat. Bahasa pasar kalau kat Penang, I cakap sakit gila babi.

Damn painful ok my stomach.

Thnia ka boi si!

Few years already I’m having serious and frequent stomach ache.

Don’t ask me why cause I duno why.

If it’s possible, I wana take away my stomach!

Why I talk so much in my blog. Cause I wana tell la. I need to say it out la. If I keep everything in my heart, can die one ok. No one is here, no one to listen to, so I talk to my blog la. Got people read or not is not a big deal.

Okla okla. I can’t stand it anymore. Sleep NOW!

message that make you smile whole day

juz wanna let U know, everytime I feel so weak, sick n demotivated bcoz of this illness, I'll visit ur blog n read everything especially d funny part. I will read them over n over again. Make myself laughing like a mad girl. hehe. No one can truly understand d distress n frustration I'm feeling right now. But reading ur funny posts always give me feel I could get a break. Or I could handle it.

~ Miss Anonymous
~ 4.47pm 14.7.2011

QUOTE of the day

When it is time to do something, do it right at the moment. Well, the time is now.. =p

before it's too late..

We may have thousands friends and hundreds partners. But how many mother, father and grandparents you have? I think we should appreciate, love and spend more time with them before they are gone forever.

Happy Valentine Day

Today is 14 February which is the well-known Valentine Day throughout the world.

In Malaysia, the people celebrate it too and it's definitely a Western culture.

But who cares where it came from as Malaysians adopt a lot of culture from all over the world.

but recently there's a HOT issue again, the controversial Valentine Day.

The oppositional political party, PAS is acting like a moral police while Islamic body, JAKIM is saying that Valentine Day is a day where vice activities happen.

sweat. what a moron statement. ignorant.

i'm not gona comment about that in this post.

what i wana say is Valentine Day is just a day to celebrate and commemorate love with your loved ones be it, mother, father, lover and even friends.

Let me show you my version of Valentine Day.!/album.php?id=599962876&aid=125577

View this album in my Facebook.

Lastly Happy Valentine Day to all.

or Selamat Hari Maksiat?

haha! Who knows one day the government might just make Valentine’s Day into Hari Maksiat?

Anything is possible in this Boleh Land.

Only in Malaysia.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

another one died?

Nowadays so many big people die 1. Our Malaysian politicians must be very hardworking lah until they neglect their health. Betui-betui Rakyat Didahulukan.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

QUOTE of the day

If suddenly you have a big amount of money, don’t spend all. Use 2/3 of it and save the rest. You’ll need it one day.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

It has been quite long since i posted images in my blog. The last time was during new year i guess.

It must be boring if a book only contains words and no graphics.

So jeng jeng jeng!

I have something to share for those who never step into my university before.

*i'm rushing n packing back to Penang. bus at 6pm. tonight only i continue with the caption la tata.

QUOTE of the day

Policies, laws and rules are made to make things easier and to bring benefits to the people in general. But if it bring troubles, problems and inconvenience to the people, it should be amended or abolished.

get ur facts right

All these while, I have been keeping quiet, not saying anything although I have been framed, criticized, downgraded, humiliated, and accused by someone.

But now before I sleep, I have something to say.

I would like to remind everyone to get your facts right before you say anything because it can become a sedition or defamation. I, OH CHIN ENG, NEVER EVER USE MY PTPTN LOAN TO BUY ANY CAMERA OR DSLR. I bought my DSLR back in 2007 using the money I earn working part time in few places. It’s ridiculous to say that I use PTPTN loan to purchase my DSLR. For your information as well, as a student representative I have never given a cent and I have never taken a cent from the university. You can check it with the university for clarification. If I am self-centered I won’t devote my time, energy, money and reputation to stand up for the students.

I don’t mind and I am so open to criticisms but please debate on facts and not by attacking people’s personal life. Don’t act as if you know me so well.

I am offended by these derogatory remarks. I hate being accused and its hurt. Mind your language. Yes, I feel behsyiok now.

But good news is, you, yes YOU, if you still know who you are after saying I use my PTPTN loan to buy a DSLR, you can continue with your baseless and irresponsible allegations. I’m not gona care anymore. Or let me suggest you this, if you don’t like what people say or write, just go off, don’t listen and don’t read. Don’t torture yourself la.

Thank you and good night.

*Kes ditangguh buat semementara waktu sehingga satu tarikh yang akan diumumkan kelak. =p

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

YOU are quoted

When someone shut a door on us, a lot of other things open up. Including our eyes, so we can see that it was never the best for us.

~ Zarah Kathleen
~ 8/2/2011
~ 6.28pm
~ via FB

an IMPORTANT reminder

This is to remind all the UNIVERSITI TUNKU ABDUL RAHMAN Kampar campus students to please pay your student bill by this Friday (11.2.2011). The deadline also applies to those qualified students who didn’t get their PTPTN loan yet.  I already went to the relevant department to inform them about the late imbursement of PTPTN loan. But the officer said the deadline won’t be extended and we must pay the penalty. I repeat, UTAR IS NOT EXTENDING THE DEADLINE! If you are late, you’ll be charged penalty RM10 per week. Good news is you can write a letter to the Division of Examinations to get back your penalty. Good luck!

UTAR Kampar
SRC Chairman

just a thought

It's good if you can have healthy debate and discussion in a constructive way, but don't attack people's parents and their persoanl life. This is so childish, not gentleman at all.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

QUOTE of the day

Just because something is negative, doesn't mean it's wrong... or can't be turned into a positive one.

~ Maria Olay
~ 1.03am
~ 8/2/2011
~ via MSN

Monday, 7 February 2011

what a BIG mess.

Oh no no no..

i guess i just create a BIG mess for myself.

i sendiri cari pasal.

i wrote an opinion piece earlier this morning and i send it to "The Letter of The Editor."

It got published in several news portals.

guess what.

90% of the readers left a bad comments critisizing, scolding and downgrading me.

hahahaha. what's the big deal la.

why must scold me..

i'm just expressing myself nia ma.

wrong meh.

i feel the title is wrong la.

i know la my ENglish sucks and i made many errors. English was not my first language ma. I didn't ask anyone to edit before i publish it.

Some may not agree with my opinions in the article but my point is simple. If the festive season comes earlier than usual, then the authority can consider to give the PTPTN loan earlier lo. I believe each and every one of us use the loan not only for tuition fees right?

for those who are not agree with my points, you can scold me but why scold my parents? are you matured enough by bringing down and condemning other people's parents?

hmmm.. alrite im not here to argue.

My tone is that article might have created some unhappiness kua..

but sorry la i love being sarcastic and cynical. =p
by the way, i'm not the only here not getting the loan yet. Thousands of students are facing the same problem too.

i get the blame for voicing it out ah.

if anyone who dare to stand up and voice it out, i will be the first one to support him/her.

but nvm.

i'll just listen la.

i seriously love their critical thinking. i love healthy debate. i don't deny their opinions. they are right in certain ways. i like it when there are response from them. this means that they care for the issues around them.

anyhow, they are entitled the rights for expression ma.

i sincerely thanks them for their honest opinions.

for those who know me, they know i'm not the person like what the readers commented on the article.

i don't have bad intention in posting the opinion piece lah..

i feel a bit offended and uneasy by their comments but i am ok la. ehehe.

whoever support or against my opinion, i accept it with an open heart.

Late PTPTN, not so good CNY

First of all, I hope the beloved Prime Minister who has been graciously sending us Chinese New Year’s greeting through SMS and e-mail will seriously look into this matter.

continue reading here

QUOTE of the day

Sometimes expressing to your diary is better than experessing to human.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

CNY: wonderful time

CNY is such a wonderful time when u get to see the toothless cute smile from your grandparents, play poker with relatives and cousins, visit old frens and have a long chat, meet up with god sis, get a warm hugsss, spend time with your loved ones, play firecrackers with siblings and most importantly blessing from ur parents, other than the typical angpau n cookies.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

CNY means..

Chinese New Year means we'll get more money but our parents will spend even more money.

i perform lion dance too

I’m actually a member of a lion dance troupe.

Not many people actually know about it. Hahaa. I guess I don’t have to boast about it right although many people really feel I’m a banana.

Every year during the first and second day of Chinese New Year, I’ll go house to house to perfrom lion dance.

This year, I feel a bit lazy. Furthermore, my brother is not joining me this year. He has to work. I’ve joined the troupe since I was 9. My brother joined in few years later.

I supposed to go for lion dance performance this morning at 7.30am but I woke at 8.45am. damn it man! Aih.. I missed it. I can’t go look for them coz I don’t have any of the member’s hp number. So I’ll go meet them at the makan place in a while.

I never missed performing lion dance everywhere. I guess it’s already my own culture. It’s part of me. I feel so awkward and guilty if I don’t go. It’s the Chinese tradition anyway. If we don’t keep doing it, the art and tradition will die off eventually. I’m proud of myself.

Mum has been very supportive and encouraging all this while. If we don’t go perform, she’ll start questioning. She was not happy this morning. Hahaha.

Lion dance performance is indeed a very tiring activity. At the end of the day, we’ll sweat, bleed, get darker, have blisters and pimples.

But of course, some of the house owners will give us angpau. That’s the best part. The small kids join the troupe because of this pull factor. But as they grow older, angpau does not really matter. They do it for the love of the art, the spirit of Chinese New Year, the sense of belonging and to have fun.

Alright, I’m going off now to produce good music, bring some prosperity to the families and get some angpau hopefully. =p

Gong Xi Fa Chai

It's Chinese New Year again.


this year, i really feel the mood of CNY again.

it feels good.

but the bad part is i don't have money to go shopping as no mpney from PTPTN yet and Kwong Wah hasn't bank in my 3K.

anyway i wish everyone a prosperous, smooth, beautiful and colourful Chinese New Year. stay healthy and safe always.

remember, appreciate and love your grandparents, parents, sibling, friends and people around you.

Hope that this will be a new beginning with new and better things ahead.

Gong Xi Fa Chai!

Huat ah!

Ong ah!

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

thank you

I’m actually very thankful for having a bunch of good buddies in Penang. They are always there for me. They know me the best and when they give lectures, I better keep quiet because most of the times, they are always right. =p