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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

unique names

some people' names really unique, based on food and color. Orange, Apple, Rosemarry, Jasmine. hmmm... name them Origano, Kacip Fatimah, Tongkat Ali, Pek Kueh, Ang Chor or Alagapas la.

Then my name will be Oh Gin Seng. =p


no OFEENCE har.

Sexy Moi

Ahhhh.. omg! Omg! I cannot resist it. This is so yummy. Ahhhh..

Emmmmm… sedapnya my home-made porridge aka moi.

Beh tahan nia. Anyone wants some??

This is seriously NICE n YUMMY n DELICIOUS!


Moi kelas pertama yang sedap sekali.

Got nicely chopped potato, carrot, chicken and ikan bilis.

Come come and try the First Class Moi in Westlake.

Best in Penang and some say Kampar.

Nyeh nyeh nyeh.


im laughing, smiling and tersenyih all the way when im eating it. i duno how to describe the happiness in the moi. it's just so nice.. it's not about the taste afterall. it's about.. about.. itulah.. you know.. aih you wont understand la cuz u ever eat it.

I cooked so much. I must be crazy already. haha. I just feel happy to cook. Those who eat it also happy. and looking at their smile while they enjoying the food is so contenting. That’s the best part of cooking. N im so happy with that.

You’ll feel touched when you eat it. Because it is cooked with love.. =p Correct fire and good skill. Ouch.. SEDAP!

Why u laughing huh?? U dun trust me ah?? Then you come and try it yourself la. betul punya. Tarak tipu-tipu. Tak baik tipu dalam soal makanan. DOSA!

Okla I pass la to be a husband. Wahahaha! =p

where's my parcel???

Mr. Postman ah??

lu mana? mana lu ah?? where are you?!

i have been waiting for you the whole day you know...

faster la..

u coming or not??

why always like that one??


my mum sent me a parcel yesterday from Penang using Pos Laju and it supposed to reached by today. but now almost 5pm d itu batang hidung posmen pun tak nampak.

waiting n waiting n waiting for an important and urgent parcel from our beloved Pos Laju from Penang.


aduih amma, Kampar only la not Kampuchea.

Duno how to come is it? y

why everytime also delay few days 1?

SESAT ah??

faster sikit ok Posman.

i love you, you know.

QUOTE of the day

The only thing you can make yourself stand out, worth for, and people look high up on you besides than good personality when you are in tertiary level is to excel in your studies.

You Give Me Something - James Morrison

Malaysian Student Leaders Summit 2010

This event actually over already lah. It was held last weekend and I was there. =p