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Thursday, 10 September 2009

Go DIE with the DAMN Meow

is that what you want to say?

is that all you can say??


thanks for ending my happy day with more scoldings of what i experienced and what i saw.

QUOTE of the day

Hidup ini satu pentas lakonan. Dunia adalah latarnya. Orang sekeliling adalah penontonnya. Wataknya adalah kita. Tidak perlu ada skrip. Tidak perlu ada pengarah. Kita yang mencorakkannnaya mengikut citarasa kita sendiri. Ada kalanya kita perlu bertopeng dan bertukar watak untuk memenuhi kehendak orang lain. Tetapi yang menariknya, kita tetap kita. Pada penghujung hari, kita juga seorang manusia.

Story of Ah Eng dreaming

woah! Im awake! N it’s not even 8am yet. Fuiyooooooo…

chin eng wakes up early today. Nyeh nyeh nyeh.. usually I’ll wake up at 12pm but today so damn early. I had late night sleep last night at 3.30am. My eyes r so tired la.. it keeps sticking together. Hmmm.. it’s ok. I’ll take KOPI O KAUKAU later.

I’m going to uni later at 11am although no more classes. Going there with my classmates because they want to study and I want to check my coursework marks and to NEGOTIATE with the lecturer to increase my marks. Hehe.. got a bit prob la..

I must be crazy because now is just 8am. I still have 3HOURS to go! CRAZEE CHIN ENG! Haha. nvm. I’ll blog. I’ll send pics to The Star. I’ll take pics of my Baju Melayu and Songkok. I’ll arrange my notes for revision. I’ll have my breakfast. I’ll POM POM. I’ll plan my trip to Sarawak this October. I’ll count my money cuz im pokai now. I’ll save photos in the pendrive for my friend and lecturer. I’ll register for Nuffnang thingy. I’ll do my study plan for final exam.

Oh ya. Today no puasa. Tmr la.. today nak makan a lot. A LOT! Wahaha!

By the way la kan. I want to tell a story. I know u love to listen to stories from me. hohoho! Okok. I start now ya. Dun mind of the language ya, it’s the content that matters.

There is this Chinese boy named Ah Eng. Ah Eng was trying to sleep at 3.00am last night. But then har she kenot sleep wor. I mean he la. Ah Eng is a boy ma. He belek sini belek sana. Goyang sini goyang sana. Pusing sini pusing sana. And he garu sini garu sana. Hmmm.. imsomnia izit? I duno..

Then.. hahahahaha.. this Ah Eng started to dream. He wasn’t asleep yet but he’s dreaming. Can r?? can… Ah Eng anyting oso can. HE IS UP FOR ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING.

Ok back to the dreaming story. So this Ah Eng kenot sleep. He dreams la. Dream of a gal.. uhhhh… girl.. fuiyo. Try to guess who’s that girl. It’s her 'SAYANG'! For your information la. I noe u duno dats y im telling you. His Sayang is a Muslim. Muslim but not Malay. All Malays are Muslim but not all Muslims are Malay. Remember that. His Sayang is a from a mixed parentage of Chindian and Malay. Means she’s a Malaysian la. cool kan??

So this tak malu Ah Eng was dreaming. He dreams of breaking fast with his Sayang. His sayang is going back to hometown on 15th and he’s going back on the 18th at 2pm after his exam. so he’ll reached at abt 5.30pm la. this crazy guy plans to give his Sayang a surprise. Hehe.. he plans to bring her to E&O Hotel for a buka puasa treat. Fuiyooo.. that place har expensive oo but ada kelasss..

This gatai guy wana drive on that day. He seldom drives in Penang before he enter uni. This year oni he drives around and fetch her. it’s safer, more comfortable.. so he already plan everything u noe.. every single things. He’ll ask her to wear nice-nice. If can formal wear la or a gown.. uhhh.. yeala E&O Hotel is a high class hotel ma, must act high class oso la.

He knows she’ll definitely ask whr. But Ah Eng is not gona tell her. haha. cilaka mia budak! Ah Eng will go n fetch her. then Ah Eng will be awww looking at his Sayang yg chantek menarik lemak berkrim disukai ramai meletup bombom.

Then, he’ll secretly drive to the hotel. He’ll open the door for her n kiss her hand. Haha! so funny! His Sayang will ‘hei’ at him but he won’t care. Ah Eng oso dream of singing her a song unplugged. Too bad Ah Eng doesn’t know how to play guitar. Then he’ll give her a rose.

DEI YENNADEI! It’s a buka puasa dinner not a Valentin’s dinner. The Hotel ppl will kick ur ass out!

Crazy Ah Eng oso think of the way to pose for photographs with her. he loves to take photos with her and she’s a good model =p lastly he hopes to give a kiss on her cheek at the end of the day. Where?? I duno. Ah Eng doesn’t want to tell.

I tell u all. She’ll very shocked with the surprises. His Sayang will be very touched and rmbr the moment forever. Shhh.. he doesn’t want her to know anything about this.

Damn Ah Eng la. bermimpi di siang hari although it’s already 3.30am la..

We just wish him good luck k. finger cross. Legs also cross. Remember.. don’t tell his Sayang. If not Ah Eng is gona kill me.

Ok.. gtg. It’s 8smtg already. Tata.

she just called

arrghh! omg omg!

i can't believe it! she just called me! woohooo! shake it shake it. *dance *jump *shout

i must be dreaming.