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Saturday, 28 November 2009

a NOTHING-LESS saturday

Hmm… how to start?? What to say first??

I planned to go see cows being slaughtered this morning at 8am but I woke up at 4am ++. Damn early. So I slept again until 9am ++. I woke up then I slept again til 10am ++. I washed my face, changed my clothes then I surf Google Map to look for Kampung Sikh at Tanjung Tualang. There’s a Sikh wedding there today at 11am.

What the hell, I slept again in my nice clothes. Arrgghhh. I woke up and I slept again. I woke up and I slept again for many times at 12pm ++, 3pm ++ until just now 4pm ++. At the end, I didn’t go to see cow, nor the wedding and I skipped my French classes for the first time although im not sick.

I duno why. I duno what happen. I duno. I duno. I really duno la. i duno. don't know.. you know.. you want to wake up, but ur body is sticking tightly onto ur bed. you are not sleepy but u just wana lie down.

I still feel so sleepy right now. I can hardly open my eyes.

I feel so lifeless, tak larat, not spirited, lazy etc today.. I don’t feel like doing anything. No, I have many things to do. But something is like stopping me. I didn’t even step out from my room today.

I feel my memory is getting bad. I forget things easily. I take a very long time to recall on something.

I feel lonely suddenly.. I feel so empty.. Evrerything is upside down. life has been so good and colourful lately. I have laughters every single day. But not today. Something is wrong somewhere but I don’t know what is it.

I’ll sleep alone tonight because my roommate has housemate and levelmates have gone back to their hometown. The whole Westlake is so quiet.

I can see rain starting to pour out there.

Please don’t rain because I have promised some Indian here in Kampar to take photo of her daughter’s puberty celebration.