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Monday, 20 December 2010

live from Pahang

Hi, it's me ur popular TV presenter, OCE reporting live from Gambang, Pahang.

it's a small cute little peaceful town with a lots of rumah burung or bird-bird house.

travelling here from Kampar is so damn fast but damn tired when your backpack is the biggest and heaviest among all.

the time now is 12.20am and i am feeling damn sleepy.

but im still fulled after the delicious local cuisine for dinner. wow! first time having wild boar as a dish.

with me here in the Yat Kuan's house are Sotong, Siew King, Dai Ga Jie, Jing Wen, and Xiang Lin and they are already sleeping.

i tell you, the house is damn BIG la!

we are going to depart to... don't know where at 9am later.

it was raining here during the day and it is so damn cold now.

last but not least, we are having a resort treatment although this supposed to be a backpack trip.

till then, sayonara.

see you at the same place and same time tomorrow for more updates. =p

*i miss my family. feeling a bit uncomfortable not because of the trip but partly because of it also lah. aih..