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Tuesday, 28 December 2010

I love you, Ammi!

When was the last time I post a song?

I don’t remember.

But this song left my tears flowing..

I am not a mummy’s son. You know, that kind of boy who always glued to his mum. I seldom open up my heart to her. But she, gives me courage, showers me with unlimited love and raised me up to who I am today.

I thank her for that.

I never ever say to her face that I love her.

I don’t have the courage.

But, yes I do, I do love you, Ammi.


YOU are quoted

Sometimes you have to lose to win, to wrong to be right.

~ Fadzrina Ariffin
~ 28.12.2010
~ via FB

I wonder..

Why the mat salleh foreigners so rich 1 har? so damn kaya always travel here n thr. they eat kaya everyday kah? come sponsor me la!

where to before 2011?

It's the of the year before we usher in 2011.

I'm done with class trip to Kuantan n family trip to Genting.

But i have not yet spend time for myself.

I want my own personal quality time.

Where to after this for PERSONAL trip??