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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

WHAT src?! Part 1

I really dun have idea what r the students thinking. Students always complain. When comes to SRC election, they say SRC is useless and they never go n vote. How do u expect things to change when you only sit there and complain and do nothing. SRC members are students like you too. SRC members get nothing but the blame. Students mentality must change in order to change the whole environment in UTAR. So stop blaming SRC or management when you din even play your role as a student. One party can’t change the system. It’ll only happens when everyone comes together and participate in it.

View of Taiping Lake Garden (3)

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YOU are quoted

"Remember, the day that you believed you have reached your fullest potential is the day you HAVE NOT! Cos you still have today and you guys can do so much more!"

~ Kenny Mah
~ 29/6/2010 11.08am


Remember. You are not Oh Chin Eng anymore. You are not only responsible for yourself but also to your assignment group, your team, your voters and your university. No matter what you do, you are being watched. You have to take care of your actions, words and personality. You are a public figure now. Reduce any mistakes please.. if you were sucks, its ok. forget about it. Now be a better person! Future means more than your past. Always stay calm and rational. Be firm in your decision.