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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

UTAR Kampar SRC not improving?

Nothing has changed since the new SRC team took over?

Are we not listening enough? Are we not responsive enough? Are we not efficient enough? Are we not doing good enough? Can't we change the bad perception you have towards SRC? 

I am not here to change your mindset. I am not God. Even God can't make you think what you want to think.

But my point here is if you see we are working, give us support and encouragement. Work with us, give us feedback. If we are doing better then the previous batches, if we are being different, if we change in the way we deliver, then change your perception, change the way you think, make yourselves open to changes. 

If we are not performing well, advise us. Let us know. If we still don't meet your expectation, let us know. Don't be quiet. If you never tell, we never know. And if you never tell, it's unfair to say we never do anything.

Have some faith in us.. Lend us your help.

Come to us personally. Send us sms. Write to us. We listen and we are willing to improve.

I accept constructive criticsms and I'm not hiding from my mistakes.

I listen. If my team members don't listen to you, i still listen. I am sure they listen too.

Come on, pour me with sincere answers.

Whatever your perception towards us, i accept it. It's ok. I will still continue working. i will still continue giving my service. I will still listen. I will still do all i can to improve students welfare. I will still coming up with changes. I will still do what i supposed to do. 

I am where i am today because of the 4% of you. But i am a student leader who represent the 13 thousand students of you in UTAR Kampar. Your voice are so significant and important.

Student Representative Committes always with the students. That what's me and my team always do.

To see changes, we must be together in voicing out our demands and needs.

Changes never happen in one day. But if we never take the first time in coming together and voicing up, nothing, forever, can be seen.

I may not be the GREATEST student leader ever, but at least, let me and my team members be the best SRC team ever in your studying life in UTAR Kampar.

Thank you.

Oh Chin Eng,