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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

health is important

ansSpent whole day out of Kampar. Reached university around 8.30pm. raining so heavily in PJ, from 6pm until now in Kampar.

I got diarrhea again. yea yea yea. What’s new right?? =p  lausai pangsai lausai pangsai. eh this time is different ok. cuz continuosly 4days already n today so severe. the pain is seriously UNIMAGINABLE. went to the toilet 3 times early morning. I felt dizzy n puking as well. same-same but different lah.

the journey back to Kampar was so suffering. i almost black out. Thanks Navin for your strong massage n minyak angin. at least i felt better.
I slept at 5.30am and woke up at 7am. Why so late only tidur? One of the reasons is my damn stomach! other reasons?? my body was shivering. heart was beating like drumroll. chest felt so packed. so hard to breath...
Grhhhh! Have been like this for YEARS man.

Poicia always tell me that.

Yea.. I noe la.. without health, nothing will go smooth.

but u noe.. im lazy la.. it’s like.. cincai la.. I just do whatever I do. Sometimes when im sick, I just let it be. I always have this perception that it will cure by itself.

But if I lausai, I sure take medicine. =p

Many friends ask me go to check up. aiyah no time la.. really ma. Need to queue up etc.

But ok im determined to see doctor, do a thorough check up this semester break. If got something in my stomach pun stomach la. cannot die 1 la.. nevermind oso la.

I feel so tired tonight for being sick! Im so sick of it.

Im tired.. need to sleep la. the rain is just nice. Weather is superb.

Good night. tata.