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Tuesday, 7 July 2009

gain weight gain muscles in 30 DAYS

nyeh nyeh nyeh.

im going to gym tomorrow. wahahah! i wana be BIG! i wana be FIT! i want to gain WEIGHT! i want to gain MUSCLES! kakakaka...

im so excited. cant wait for tmr. imy friend from SXI is gona help me to achieve my mission. he actually asked me to take off my shirt. body check kononnya. haha.

i used to work out. yea i used to 6months ago b4 i enter UTAR. i stopped cz i was lazy. eh.. u nid smtg to boost u up ok. if not u'll easily give up. mental kena strong. body kena fit! makan kena a lot! everything oso must double!

i duno what or who boost me n give me power to work out again dis time. i jz wana do it. i eat a lot bt still dat 'slim'. a lot of gals jealous. so wat to do. i must gain weight lo. then can become handsome ma. =p macho sikit la.. plus, she always ask me go work out bt i never do so.

i bought gain weight protein bt i also stopped taking it 6months ago. it taste yucks n its nt cheap!

ok, below are my plans of action:

1. Sit up n push up weight lifting for 30 times at least twice a day
2. Jog at least once a wik
3. Work out at least twice a wik 2hours per session
4. drink Susu every morn
5. drink weight gain every evening
6. eat more n more than usual

waahahahahha! 30 DAYS TO TRANSFORM~


hmmm... i mis her. i miss her. rindu. rindu. please someone tel her. someone please tel her. aih..

malam-malam maciam ni i'll tink of her especially when im listening to soft slow romantic love songs. yeah.. i cant stop myself from thinking of her.

yea UTAr has tonnes of gals. so what?!!! its not my prob. good la. their parents happy la gave birth to such lovely daughters. so what??

ppl bodoh ma loves n loyal to a girl only..

okla. tido tido. pi tido semua.