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Thursday, 4 March 2010

lost in a photo contest


QUOTE of the day

"Governments are bad masters if not made good servants."

~ Wong Chin Huat's blog

* i like him more after he got arrested. now i like him even more because of this quote, because he;s still wearing black, because he's fighting for democracy and because he's coming to my university to give a talk.

1 photo $10 USD

i never imagine that to enter a photo contest, i have to pay $10 USD for just a photo. means that it's at least RM35 for a phot entry.

that is super expensive!

but tonight, i got the biggest love from God, someone, a gift from God, with a nice heart and nice soul, made a payment of $10 USD to the photo contest organiser. she's sponsoring me to enter the international level photo contest!

can u imagine that?!! this person is so nice. i was so shocked to received an e-mail from her showing me the receipt. my eyes almost poped out.

i'm really really touched. im thankful. im happy. im so grateful.

this is one of the best gifts i ever had.

she really look high up on me. she always give me advice when im lost. although she's like so far away from London, she's stil made the effort to meet up with me when she's back in Penang.

it's kinda funny how i met her. it was in Penang. it was at least 4 years ago i guess. someone was burning dried leaves. You guys know i hate people who do open burning right. so what i always do? i called police and bomba at that time. my hp ran out of credit. so i went around looking for people with handphone. that was the first time i met her. i feel so embarras right now. i was begging for hp ok. she n the rest were like kinda blur bcoz a small guy came with in a huge scooter asking for handphone to call bomba because someone is burning the leaves. I also asked for a bucket of water to 'padam' the api la.

so yea that's how i met her. after the incicent we bumped into each other again at different occasions. then i got her phone number. hey i didn't flirt ok. haha. she's older than me la. she's like my big sister ok. =p

she's nice la.. really nice. i'll remember her for the rest of my life for being the first person in my life to sponsor me for a photo contest. she has faith in me you know. she thinks i take nice pictures. hahaha.

Anyway, this is what friendship is all about. Friends are there for you without you asking. A relationship cannot be measure by how many times u say 'i love you' or 'i miss you but it's measure by your actions, sacrifices and non-verbal communications. Trust me, you'll know who's actually your friends when you are in trouble or when you need help, care, love, assistance, comfort etc. 

Thank you so much Marie. God will always bless you.