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Thursday, 7 January 2010

old people #7

7/7/2009 9.47am Old Town, Kampar, Perak

Scariest Time of The Year

Everyone has something that they are scared of in their life. Some people recognized their fear and they try to overcome it. Someone people choose to hide it. And some people didn’t even know what actually they are afraid of.

Fear creates a distance between human and the things that they are afraid of. Fear makes people think twice of their actions and words spoken. Fear puts people in an alert and cautious situation where they know when bad things are gona happen. Fear also bring human closer to the Creator.

I have fear. Not one but quite a lot, depends on the situation. How about you?

One of the fears I have is the month of December and January. These 2 months are the months that I want to avoid. This is the most scariest time of the year, for me.

Problems started towards the end of the year until Chinese New Year. I’m so used to it already because this is the time when war usually erupts in my house. It’s a norm. it’s a tradition. I’m not sure whether it’s a curse.

That’s why I’m awake now, before 6.30am. I wished I was awake because of my own agendas but no. I was awake by the noises from the people in the house.

I am fed up. sometimes I just wish that I’m not at home to face all this. It’s not a pleasant feeling when you don’t even dare to close your eyes to sleep.

Do you call it a home when you feel insecure?

This is the scariest moment of the year in my home. How I wish there’s no December and January in the calender.

QUOTE of the day

"What matters is how one finishes, not how one begins."

~ Abdullah Ahmad
~ Page 75, All Abroad, Off The Edge, December 2009