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Sunday, 4 April 2010

hujan, kerja, stres

hujan turun tak henti-henti,
kerja buat tak habis-habis,
stres buat aku gila-gila.


YOU are quoted

"Chin Eng.. You kan memang takde kemaluan la.."

~ Saravani Selvam
~ 1/4/2010 11.24pm

*Hahah. Ok i know this sounds so wrong. What she meant by takde kemaluan is not ashame. Takde kemaluan is just another naughty way to say someone doesn't feel embarress or shy for what she/he is doing. She say that because I posted a sexy picha of me in FB.


Good morning world!!

What a nice sleep. Tidur mati!! I set my alarm at 12pm actually. Haha. anyway My whole body is so sticky la. stomach pula so empty. Didn’t eat anything since yesterday.


Most of the JR-ians will burn midnight oil again. I’ll definitely burn more oil. Minyak ghee. Minyak zaitun. Minyak cap kapal layer. Minyak lenga. Minyak angin. Minyak cap kapak. Haha. and plus a few cups of coffee.

I already wasted my Saturday. and now I already wasted half of Sunday. Need to buck up leh. Tiff comin later to do asgmnt.

3+2+1 = 3 reports, 2 assignments and 1 presentation. These are the things that have to be done and pass up  this week.

Monday 5/4/2010
Report : Communication Theories
Report: Introduction to Comparative Politics
Presentation: Introduction to Comparative Politics

Thursday 8/4/2010
Report : Communication Research Methods

Friday 9/4/2010
Assignment : Introduction to International Relations

hmmm.. got to go. wake up people. Y2S1 JR-ians BANGUN. =p

by the way, my senior aka the Chief Editor aka KKYjust praised me. she said the photos i took for the news in our portal are good. hahahaha. what a compliment in the early morning.

some silly but serious questions

1. Is 2010 really that great afterall?

2. Why the process of getting something is so wonderful but the results always sucks?

3. I am skinny. But does it really matters for people to judge me for who i am?

4.Why most of the time when i already set my target, plan my goals, suddenly something will appeared and block it?

5. Why i'm the one who give out so much but get so less in a relationship?

6. I'm being myself all the time. Do i have to be serious so that you know i mean what i mean?

7. I'm tired of what-so-ever stuffs that i like and i'm doing now. Take less photos, should i?

8. Can you God please bless and protect those i love and those that love me?

Good Night.

back to Kampar life

Im back to Kampar. Just reached. Now. look at the time of this post people.

Damn. Im so sleepy n tired. The train got delayed. N it was so cold in the bus. I was freezing n I am still freezing. I almost missed Kampar Station because I was sleeping. when I awake, the train was already stopping at Kampar Station. Luckily I managed to get down.

My eyes are sticking like glue. Too sleepy lar.. but there’s one very important thing I have to settled. It’s about photography again, sigh.. okok this might be the last…perhaps for this month? =p

Back to Kampar, means back to work. Tomorrow will be another crazy day. I have 2reports to pass up on Monday and one presentation on Monday as well. Sigh..

The whole journey to MMU cyberjaya is so exhausting n tiring la. anyway I didn’t get anything. Im not one of the winners. It’s ok la. im not that sad anymore.

Everything happen for a reason. Although I didn’t win anything, I get back a friendship. I saw Mira in KL Sentral, then we talk. =p n we are ok now.. I guess..

And because of the award ceremony, I managed to meet up with my old friend from Penang, Melissa who’s studying there. thanks for keeping me company.

And thanks also to Adeline and Sara for calling. Thx a lot.

Lastly thanks to everyone that wish and pray for me. I was so shocked when I look at my FB. Around 15comments on my wall post wishing me luck. U guys r just so sweet la. but sorry la, I’ll work harder next time. Im reali touched and thankful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. God bless u people.

Ok gtg. Hope to sleep by 2.30am if that is possible. I’ll bath tomorrow la. =p

Gnite ppl. Thank you God.