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Sunday, 5 September 2010

buka puasa and celoteh

SELAMAT BERBUKA PUASA!! WOOHOOO! jom makan. it's makan time. i know la i tak puasa today but xpe.. kita makan sama-sama ye.. Bazar Ramadan kat Kampar Old Town memang best! punya banyak i sapu. tengokla apa i sapu hari ni. =p

ada Laksa Sanggul, taufufah, otak-otak, nasi lemak, cucur udang, jus pegaga, dan entah kuih apa benda la. best! sedap! i kan suka makan, kuat makan, hidup untuk makan. satu hari tak makan ok.. bukan apa, malas nak keluar. hehe.

hmm.. i makan sorang2. siapala kawan i yang puasa kat sini. yang puasa pun sikit tu je. semua pun balik kampung. sini area Cina.. Bazar Ramadan pulak jauh. so susahla students sini nak p sana.

i saw RM1 just now. no one dares to take it. so i took it. i was like thinking what should i do with it. kalau jumpa duit, rezeki la kan. but then i decided not to take it la cuz it's not mine. i remember i promised my ex before that i won't steal or talk anything that doesn't belong to me anymore. if not because of her also, i still pegang pada prinsip and maruah. kalau orang tak nampak pun, Tuhan nampak.

eh i took it but i donated it to to some guy at the Bazar juga buat charity. hati rasa lapang. =p

u noe.. i puasa for a day only this time. yea you'll ask why must i puasa cuz im not even a Muslim. aih.. u won't understand la. it has to do with my previous relationship. anyway takde mood la nak puasa. u noe bila u sorang-sorang, buat apa pun xde makna kan. eh i tak emo. i cuma berkata benar. dulu i puasa cuz of her. now rasa janggal puasa alone. arrghh! memory masa lalu... she still lives in me la..

puasa this year is so dull. i don't feel Raya at all. no kick. no umpph! it's not like the previous Raya anymore. last time, i'll puasa, i'll go visit friends' house, i'll bermaaf-maafan with her but this year.. hmm.. i didn't even know that she's back. and now im in Kampar, not sure whether im going back to celebrate Raya or not.

it's funny you know when i see my friends' reactions everytime i told them that im going back to celebrate Raya. haha. they'll like huh?? why you wana go back? you Muslim meh? ayooo.. i ni Malaysian la. im not sure about you but i grown up in an environment where i accept, respect and understand other races and their cultures lo.. i celebrate all the major festivals in Malaysia.

waaaa walaueh u noe ah??? my roomate holiao oso lo.. girls always come to our house and see him one. yeala do discussion ma. but then hor most of his friends are girls. fuyoooo.. cayala! and all of them also PRETTY!! hahaha.he's quite good looking la.. =p

i went to the bank to get some money just now and i wana pengsan now! I am so broke now! serioous la. no lying. not joking. i terkejut sampai mata terbeliak bola jatuh pecah hancur looking at my account. aih.. how to travel? how to fix my laptop?

laptop is still sick. im now using my roomate's PC. tq Ah Liang. and thx to Tiffamy for fetching me from bus-stop when i reached Kampar. Thx to Rachael also for lending me ur laptop. muax muax.

im so kuai today. my bed is so neat now. i washed my bedsheet and mattress. i fold my clothes. i boiled water. i returned library books. i went to uni to snap pics. i arranged my notes. see how 'good' i am. hahaha.

oh ya! i miss her la.. how ah??


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~ from the movie Forrest Gump