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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

YOU are quoted

When someone shut a door on us, a lot of other things open up. Including our eyes, so we can see that it was never the best for us.

~ Zarah Kathleen
~ 8/2/2011
~ 6.28pm
~ via FB

an IMPORTANT reminder

This is to remind all the UNIVERSITI TUNKU ABDUL RAHMAN Kampar campus students to please pay your student bill by this Friday (11.2.2011). The deadline also applies to those qualified students who didn’t get their PTPTN loan yet.  I already went to the relevant department to inform them about the late imbursement of PTPTN loan. But the officer said the deadline won’t be extended and we must pay the penalty. I repeat, UTAR IS NOT EXTENDING THE DEADLINE! If you are late, you’ll be charged penalty RM10 per week. Good news is you can write a letter to the Division of Examinations to get back your penalty. Good luck!

UTAR Kampar
SRC Chairman

just a thought

It's good if you can have healthy debate and discussion in a constructive way, but don't attack people's parents and their persoanl life. This is so childish, not gentleman at all.