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Saturday, 30 January 2010

old people #30

24/12/2009 8.17pm Little India, Penang

An Ottu Kedai's owner sitting and sipping away his cigarrette while waiting for customers.

3 cucuks

Photo taken by my good friend, Teoh Chee Leng in 2010's Thaipusam.

Happy Thaipusam 2010

Exhausted!! What other words to describe my physical condition right now?? FInally i accomplised my Thaipusam task. Hehe. 3 needles through my forehead. Some bleeding. okla.. Satisfied. So damn tired and sleepy right now. Im still wearing the yellow attire, haven't bathe and hundry.

I'll blog about the whole journey after this la ye. nanti aku show pic yg sexy. hehehe.


*please don't attack kuil this time.

Friday, 29 January 2010

old people #29

31/12/2009 5.53am Market Street, Penang

Mamak stall in Penang. I'm surprised that he opens his shop before 5am every morning.

Thursday, 28 January 2010

old people #28

14/4/2008 5.32pm Jalan Sandilands, Penang

If you are a real Penangite, then you'll definitely know this uncle. He's the oldest cobbler at 'chit tiau lor' or in Bahasa Malaysia, Jalan Tujuh or in English it means The Seventh Road. Anyway he passed away already last year. Now i think his son is taking over this old occupation that were brought from China.

Countdown to Vel Vel

The day is getting nearer. Tomorrow will be the last day of my vege fasting before Thaipusam on Saturday. can’t wait to go back to Penang tomorrow at 2.35pm. This year Thaipusam is the most challenging for me. a lot of things that are planned have to be cancelled due to certain reasons.

I haven’t settled my Thaipusam stuffs yet. I just called Sasi to get me the needles for forehead. It’s a 3-joint needles with Murugan sacred spear. No one in Kampar sell those things. I also just confirmed wif my old friends, Murukesh that I’m foolowing him and his family on the Thaipusam day. Before this I supposed to follow 2 other frens but unfortunately something happened.

I’ll be piercing my forehead and taking palkodam on my head. No more cheek piercing this year. If I do that I have to do it for 3years. Im not sure next year I can do it anot, so it’s better not to do it la. furthermore, I need to place the needle at an altar to pay respect to it. Cannot just simply place it. I did it 3 years already.

So on the Thaipusam day itself, I need to follow Indian friends. i must do some prayer before the piercing. Oni Indian people know how to do it, must prepare the praying materials etc. I need my friends help to cover the palkodam, to wear me the dhoti etc.

First thing to do when I reached Penang tomorrow is to buy turmeric. Then get the needles and palkodam. Then find my Thaipusam chain. Then use turmeric to wash it and also to wash my clothes and to bathe. Then only I’ll go see the chariot of Murugan to get His blessing. It’s a must to see the chariot of Murugan and pray for those who’s carrying palkodam and taking kavadi. i feel easy and calm after the prayer. I won’t be sleeping on my bed tomorrow. I’ll just sleep on the floor, wear my yellow Thaipusam suit.

So what do I do as a preparation for Thaipusam? Haha. the answer is very simple. I must be CLEAN. Definitely it’s not easy. I must take care of what I eat, my words, my actions, my thoughts and my body. Some people will just stay at home so that they won’t get distracted. But here in Kampar I have to attend classes. I feel stress, angry, sad etc. All those feelings make me say bad words, think badly. It’s not good actually. Those carrying Kavadi or Palkodam must not think about revenge, love, sex etc. body also must be clean. I just cut my finger…nails.

Another thing is it’s hard to find vege food here. There’s one Chinese aunty selling vege food but her style of vegetarian is it’s ok to eat egg. And yesterday I accidentally taken egg for my lunch. Aih.. It’s easier to get vege food in Penang compared to Kampar.

I don’t take egg and even milk for my vege fasting. Back in Penang, I won’t even wear shoe for the last few days. I’ll just stay at home, less talk, pray more and do my homeworks. I supposed to use new towel and toothbrush but I didn’t. nevermind la. hehe.

Im very tired today. Class started at 11.30am until 6.30pm. I haven’t finish packing yet. Im doing it now actually. Usually I only pack few hours before I depart but this time I duno why I pack so early. Ahah. Oh ya I won a second prize in a photography competition in my uni. I got the prize today. Hehe. Okla I feel much much better today. Im so happy. on the other hand, someone from English Language couse interviewed me today for her assignment. Proud a bit la someone interview me. The interview session took more than 1 hour 30 mins and I was late to class. =p

So okla I need to go. class at 8am tomorrow. I’ll bring all my stuffs to uni and then straight to bus stop. Nice coursemate, Corene is fetching me to uni. whee! I’ll blog about my experience of Thaipusam later la. gnite. Tata.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

old people #27

5/12/2009 5.34pm Lebuh Armenian, Penang

This uncle is a kuih seller. It’s so rare to see an Indian pushing a round metal casing which contains Laksa and kuih on a cart around George Town these days. I remember when I was small, there are a lot of old Indians doing this business. Me n my cousins will rush out to buy Popiah, Kuih Kaya and Laksa from them. They sell Laksa and kuihs mainly. Since they have to push the cart, it’s impossible to use gas sylinder, so they use charcoal to heat the Laksa’s soup. I miss hearing ‘kuih’ ‘kuih’ from them. That’s the word they use to call the customers. Business usually after lunch until late evening.

third prize..

So u guys know right today is the public speaking competition final round? Yea I got third. My senior, Woon Pei-Jing got first. Senior got first, junior got third. Okla tu. hehe. She’s really good la. I was sad not because I lose but because I didn’t prepared well. Im so happy for her. it’s a good moment for Journalism course students too because 2 of its students are in TOP 3. =p She received RM600 n I RM100.

*oh ya she’s cute la. hehe.


Im gona remember this day 27/1/2010 for the rest of my  life.

I've learnt my first and biggest lesson of this year on the 9th day in UTAR Year 2 Semester 1.


*never try this at home.

YOU are quoted

"You are the unique one. OCE the only man in this world. OCE = Only Chin Eng."

~ Nixon Lai Chia Huey
~ 27/1/2010 12.09am

*i got this wish for my public speaking competition. hahaahah. this is so farnee la but so sweet. tq Brotha Lai. Haha TQ also for the wishes from my sister, ai loon, pei suang, amirah, saravani, nixon, ree nee, wei han, Adeline, yogasri, jing wen, subba, rajina, Mr. Afi, Melissa wong, tatsyaini, sin mei, sooi pheng, HER and etc.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

old people #26

10/4/2009 5.37pm Kampar, Perak

This picture was taken at Old Town Bus Stop before i board the bus to KL to get back my lost love. This man is the driver and he's friendly.

the final is tomorrow

Just in few hours time, I’ll be competing with 4 more finalists in Bahasa Melayu Category for my university’s public speaking competition final round. The competition starts at 10.30am. I don’t know when is my turn. I hope im not the first one.

Sadly tomorrow none of my coursemates are able to come and support me like how they did during the preliminary round last December. I’ll be there alone.. without anyone by my side. This is because all of us have class from 10am-12pm. Im not gona ask them to skip class just to come and watch me. its unfair for them. studies are more important. After all this is just a competition. My family also not coming because this is an internal event and it's just too far my my family to travel here.

My coursemates actually wana come. They are very supportive. But well what to do. I know some of them are really sad. I feel more sad ok. I don’t blame anyone la. it’s just not my luck.

You know I even went to the lecturer to asked him bring all my coursemates to my competition tomorrow. Haha. I was just joking with him la. I asked him to release them early if possible. I told him I can’t make it for class, so my friend will sign for me la. hehehe. He said its ok, he can sign for me. Then we laugehd out loud. Hahah.

Im so scared and nervous right now until shivering and stomach pain. My heart is throbbing and my blood is pumping hard. I just feel like giving up la. im not done with the text yet. I duno why im so last minute this time? No UMPHH la. not excited oso. Why? Is it because I know that my friends are not coming? Is it because the gap between the preliminary and the final is too big. Is it bcoz the title is not interesting? Is it because of ‘her’? or is it because im LAZY?!! Im not gona blame anyone if i don't get anything tmr.

Anyway thanks for all the wishes n prayers from my friends. You know who u are. Tq from the bottom of my heart. I'll do my BEST!! I dun wana dissappoint those who support me.

I wonder whether she remembers about this competition or not. Again she’s not here when im competing..

All the best 2eveyone especially my Senior, Pei-Jing who’s also one of the finalists in the competition.  Let’s do our best to get the first prize of RM600. =p


UTAR Kampar Public Speaking Competition (Final)

Date: 27/1/2010 Wednesday

Time: 10.30am

Venue: Auditorium A003 Block A

Language Category and Topic:
1. Bahasa Malaysia - Rakyat Berintegriti Pemangkin Masa Depan Negara

2. English - Our Country's Future Lies In The Integrity of Its People

3. Chinese - 我国的未来有赖于国民的诚

Monday, 25 January 2010

old people #25

8/10/2009 6.03pm Little India, Penang


ok i wana announce that Mr. Oh Chin Eng is gona blog lesssssssssssssssss this week. He's having a very hectic week. A lot of important and urgent matters to be solved then blogging.

1. Prepare speech for my university's public speaking final competition this Wednesday 27/1/2010.

2. Read journals and prepare notes for lectures.

3. Prepare for Thaipusam festival this Saturday 30/1/2010.

4. Send Letter To The Editor and Thumbnails

5. Take part in photography competitions.

See you. Good night. Tata.

a crazy night

Ok I went to Chinese temple and Indian kuil in Old Town Kampar after a free dinner with Amirah and her bf. Her bf came all the way from KL with motorbike. Where to find such nice bf la. Im gona kick Amirah's ass if she dun appreciate him.

On the way, I saw a community of buffaloes walking home after a late night bathe by the roadside. I stopped and looked at them. they stopped too. Satring competition ma. I snapped picture then I ran off, their trunks are scary.

Anyway, These 2 temples were already closed coz it was already 9.30pm when I reached there. So fine. I reached the Chinese temple first. I kneel down in front of the temple’s big door n I prayed. I asked for this and that. I prayed for my family, grandparents, the Haiti earthquake victims, my coursemates and her.

Then I went to the Indian kuil. I made a wrong turn and I ended up at someone’s funeral. Zzz.. the coffin is just in front of me. I quickly made a U-turn n went out from that lane. Fuh..

When I reached the Indian kuil, no one was there. the whole kuil is dark except lights from the house behind the kuil which belongs to the priest of the temple. So he went out and asked why. I said I want to pray. So I prayed to the main deity of the kuil. He came and he asked me to sit and chat with him.

So I stop my prayer n I sat n talked to him. Ok we chit chat, he asked me this and that. I went to that kuil before and I took his pictures before. After a while, I saw 2 PONDAN priest aka sami came out from his house.

Yes they are PONDAN aka SOFTMAN!

So these 3 priests talked in Tamil la. as if la I don’t understand. I thought the 2 pondan priests are from India but no, they can speak fluent Bahasa Malaysia. So the first priest told the 2 pondan priests what I told him just now-im from Pg, studying in UTAR, photograohy is my hobby, I took kavadi before and im going for Thaipusam again this year etc etc.

I sat there I I felt so weird. So I continued to circled the kuil to pray to Ganesha and Murugan. Finally I talked to Lord Murugan about my intention to participate in Thaipusam this year.

Last year, I promised that if the blood test is ok, I’ll take vegetarian diet for Thaipusam. So, im fulfilling my words now. I’ll also take milk pot on my head aka palkodam and also pierce my forehead.  I somehow received a ‘calling’ to do that. I won’t be piercing my cheek this year like how I did 3times before. I’ll tell you why next time la.

So what do I wish for this year parents always safe and loving.

2.Haiti earthquake victims will be strong. friend who’s struggling to survive from cancer.

4.everything about her. for a better 2010.

The eery geli cilaka idiot unimaginable story begins here. I wanted to make a move but the first priest asked me to sit down and chat with him. Out of respect, I did la. he kept repeating that he’s also alone staying there. then he called one of the pondan sami. He came with a hp.

This first priest said ‘dia (sami pondan) pun ada banyak gambar. Banyak oo. India ada. Cina ada. Melayu ada’ which means ‘he (the pondan priest) also has a lot of pictures. Indians, Chinese n Malays’.

I was like what?!! Why you tell me that? I tell u his face was so horny. I sensed something is wrong. My instinct tells me that they wana show me something ‘dirty’. OMG I should have record or take picture of his miang, gatai, yamchin, khihiao, despicable, keji and horny face.

So while the pondan sami tried to look for the pictures, I quickly grab my phone, and click on my ringtone. My phone ‘rang’ and I prentend talkiing to someone. Before they managed to show me anything, I told them I have to go. I had a glimse on the handphone, it’s like a movie.

I quickly cabut from that place while they happily looking at the ‘contents’ in the handphone.

Can u imagine that??! Ayooo! Amma!! Apa mia sami. Sami u noe. Cilaka oo. Eew!

I ran home n Poovan was in my room trying tie from Sing Yong for the seminar that we are going to attend later. Haha. we took crazy pictures in my room.

*ok i hope that priests were not intending to show me 'dirty' pictures or videos.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

old people #24

14/1/2010 7.22pm Fettes Park, Penang

This non-camera shy old lady is actually waiting for the Ponggal prayer at a kuil here. She's so cute, so small sized and she eats sirih. Her whole mouth is fulled with that orange reddish thingy.

YOu are quoted

"Everybody is somebody's fool."

~ Christina Chin

*somehow it's true.

a sleepless nap

7.30pm. my hp alarm just rang. Im awake. But I woke up 10minutes before that.

I went to ‘sleep’ at 6pm. eventually I’ve been just lying on my bed, realising what’s going on at my surrounding while my mind is still actively thinking and recalling.

What a sleep because I didn’t sleep at all!

How to sleep well when your heart is not calm like the rough sea?

Im sleepy and my eyes are tired and it feels so heavy, as if it’s gona drop out from the skull.

I need to talk to someone. I need to pray. Yea im gona do that later. I’ll go to see Kuan Yin then Murugan. I need to talk to them…so badly.

tears pouring like the rain

Year 2 Semester 1 Week 1

Thank God this semester I'm taking 5 subjects only instead of 6 subjects in the previous semester.

And I don't have class again in this semester. wheee! can go back to hometown if i want after class on Friday and come back here again on Monday evening. =p

So my class is from Tuesday to Friday only lo. Everyday the class starts from as early as 8am until 6.30pm. I have up to 4classes on one day. The most free day is Wednesday and Friday where i only have 2 classes on that day.

Week 1 of this semester is good. Really good. I like all the lecturers. Some of them taught me before so no problem la. Some subjects are too boring especially the one that has to do with business and IT. zzz.. Overall, i like the subjects im taking la. Some of the teaching i already know before this when i was working for USM under Janet Pillai. I think i can cope and do better than last semesters. I need to pull up my CGPA la.

These are the subjects that im taking:

1. UAPO1023 Introduction to International Relations
2. UAPO 1033 Introduction to Comparative Politics
3. UAMG 2004 Communication Research Methods
4. UAMG 2014 Communication Theories
5. UAMJ 2024 Business and Electronic Commerce


QUOTE of the day

When you got a calling from the God to do something religious, you must do it no matter what challenges you face.

Saturday, 23 January 2010

old people #23

23/1/2010 3.10pm Jalan Ampang, Kampar, Perak

Old but still strong. This fruit seller is already 84-year-old but he still can operate a small fruit stall by the roadride with the help of his daughter and a maid. He's the one who cut the fruits and the price is so cheap.

Photos of Sharing Session with Beh Lih Yi from AFP

wana see the photos is it?? waakakakaa. ok click this

Things To Do This Weekend

first week of new semester is still relaxing. Not that stress yet la...

Tiffany is still in Kampar. haha. wat the tooot! she woke up late. and im going out for lunch with Poovan now. i have quite a number of things to sort out this weekend.

1. post pictures of Pei Suang's birthday and Li Theng's farewell.

2. finish up my public speaking final competition speech.

3. plan my Thaipusam this year.

4. fotostate and prepare notes for lecture next week.

5. blog about the dragon boat tragedy etc.

6. do laundry and housekeeping.

7. repair my bike

8. wash my dishes

9. unload aka unpack stuffs from my luggage

10. go for City Tour organised by UTAR.

QUOTE of the day

"Plan as if you'll live forever but live as if you'll die tomorrow."

~ Dexter Khaw Kuo Wen

what a real dream

I just had a dream again. a real one. It was so real that I thought it happened in reality.

I had supper with Vivien n Tiffany until 6am. Tiff said if im still awake by 7am, please send her to the bus stop cz she’s going back to Ipoh. I said ok n I decided to send her la. The distance from our hostel to the bus stop is really far. Since I have a bike here, since Tiff is one my best buddies here, so okla help each other ma.

But then I fell asleep after that and I just woke up. Tiff didn’t even call me. I think she dun wana trouble me la. but the thing is, it’s so funny cz in my dream, I told Viv that I feel so bad for not fetching Tiff and I apologised to Tiff. I thought it’s real and the thing settled la but no it’s not.

Omg I feel so bad la. I don’t know whether she reaches Ipoh d anot. My hp expired d. sorry Tiff.

Friday, 22 January 2010

old people #22

21/1/2010 9.53am New Town, Kampar, Perak

No, he is not the God of Prosperity of Tua Pek Kong. You know how I met him? I was rushing to school early in the morning and I saw him walking alone wearing 2 hats with the golden long beard. I was thinking deeply whether to stop my bike and take his picture. I scared that I’ll be late for class. At the end I made a turn because I don’t know when I’ll meet him again. I just asked can I take a picture of him in Mandarin. He just nod his head. I took quite a lot pictures of just his face because the lighting was so bad la. He speaks very thick Mandarin. We had some chat. He hesitates to tell me what’s his occupation but he told me he is 63 years old.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

old people #21

27/11/2009 11.14pm Mambang Di Awan, Perak

A lovely old lady that sell the best drink in Mambang Di Awan. She brought me and my friend around her shop and house, showed me her old photographs, forced me to take home papayas and she has the most amazing toilet bowl in Malaysia.

itchy dots

today will be the 4th day i fall sick. The red dots are still there. I woke up at 6am this morning because i couldn't sleep. It has been happening for the past 3days. I took medicine last night and i thought i'll sleep till the next morning but i kept waking up in the middle of the night.

and last night, it rained at 4am ++. i was so happy because finally i can really sleep tightly. But manatau the red dots started to react. my whole body started to feel itchy. When i 'garu' it's pain. my skin is like so sensitive right now. Every parts of my skin is itchy. very itchy. it's so irritating. Im still having bad flu fever.

the red dots are getting more and more. another thing that worries me is that suddenly a few swoolen balls pooped up at the back of my head, below my jaw n on my neck.

i didn't tell my parents anything yet. I don't know how. I don't want them to be worried.

what's going on la.. zzz.. i'll do another blood test tomorrow. please be ok before my public speaking competition next wedenesday. i don't want to pull out from the competition because of this. im waiting for it so badly. i wana win something. how am i going to speak my my cacat-ed voice. i dun wana sniff and cough when im giving my speech. i have not much time left.

God, my first wish of the year is please make me ok before the public speaking competition so that i can give all my best. I'll pray hard..

happy first day of university

QUOTE of the day

A same mistake must not ever be repeated again.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Love Song - Sara Bareilles

When you are sad or sick, never ever listen to slow and sad songs. it’s not gona help!!

So people, let’s listen to some fast beat cheerful song. =p guarantee sure ok after this. Haha.

You should watch the official video clip. It’s very cute and entertaining.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Head under water

And they tell me to breathe easy for a while

The breathing gets harder, even I know that

You made room for me, but it's too soon to see

If I'm happy in your hands

I'm unusually hard to hold on to

Blank stares at blank pages

No easy way to say this

You mean well, but you make this hard on me

I'm not gonna write you a love song

'Cause you asked for it

'Cause you need one, you see

I'm not gonna write you a love song

'Cause you tell me it's make or breaking this

If you're on your way

I'm not gonna write you to stay

If all you have is leaving

I'mma need a better reason to write you a love song today


I learned the hard way

That they all say things you want to hear

My heavy heart sinks deep down under you

And your twisted words, your help just hurts

You are not what I thought you were

Hello to high and dry

Convinced me to please you

Made me think that I need this too

I'm trying to let you hear me as I am

I'm not gonna write you a love song

'Cause you asked for it

'Cause you need one, you see

I'm not gonna write you a love song

'Cause you tell me it's make or breaking this

If you're on your way,

I'm not gonna write you to stay

If all you have is leaving

I'mma need a better reason to write you a love song today

Promise me you'll leave the light on

To help me see with daylight, my guide, gone

'Cause I believe there's a way you can love me because I say

I won't write you a love song

'Cause you asked for it

'Cause you need one, you see

I'm not gonna write you a love song

'Cause you tell me it's make or breaking this

Is that why you wanted a love song

'Cause you asked for it?

'Cause you need one, you see

I'm not gonna write you a love song

'Cause you tell me it's make or breaking this

If you're on your way

I'm not gonna write you to stay

If your heart is nowhere in it

I don't want it for a minute

Babe, I'll walk the seven seas when I believe that there's a reason to

Write you a love song today


old people #20

16/1/2010 11.50am Northam Road, Penang

A very helpful and friendly Malay guard that i met at Wawasan Open University. I love his 'fur'. hehe. Doesn't he looks like one of the Sikh guards during the old times that guard the Chinese temples?



still very sick. it's getting worse. red dots pop up evrywhere-hands, legs n body. SCARY!! face is bloody bloody red!

I'm being such a good student for not skipping a.k.a. pontenf any classes today. hehehe.

went to see doctor. the doc gives me 4types of medicines. did blood test. suspected to have denggi. Must go n do another blood test again on Friday to confirm whether it's denggi.

aih.. duno how does it feel to have Denggi.

how lucky i am to fall sick on the 1st day of class. zzzzz..

Thanks Amirah, my good friend for accompanying me to the hospital.

Thanks Siang Yong, my roomate for being so tolerate when i switch off the fan whole night.

Thanks for the wishes and concerns from everyone.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

K.O. on first day

today is just the first day of university and second day I'm in kampar.

the new semester just started and... I AM SICK!!

damn!! weather in Kampar is just amazing.

i'm having severe running nose and high fever. i can even feel the heat coming out from my ears and body.

that's it, it's KO time tonight. not gona FB, MSN or Blog.

just taken 2tablet of Panadol.

good night ppl.

old people #19

30/6/2008 7.30pm Waterfall, Penang