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Sunday, 8 May 2011

leaving Kampar

Wohoo it’s a beautiful Sunday morn in Kampar. Settling uni stuff, meeting up with friends, cleaning and packing up, having one last intimate moment with Kampar, then going back home. I’m gona miss Kampar for 4 months. In fact, I am very sad now separating with my friends. It’s like.. aih. Nvm. Go for nice breakfast lah! =p

Going to Penang at 2.30pm.

Happy Mother's Day

It’s Mother’s Day today (8th May). I know no point I wish my mum’s a Happy Mother’s Day here. As if she can hear or read this. She’s computer illiterate and she can’t read English. This post is just to say that today is Mother’s Day. And I just wana express my love to mum. I love her no matter what I do and no matter where I am till the day I die.

This is what I posted in Facebook a while ago.

“I know it’s mother’s day today. But what the heck la you make a wish here? As if your mum got Facebook and Twitter. If you are that loving, go to your mum, wish Happy Mother’s Day to her face, give her a big warm hug and kiss her cheek. How’s that?? Dare or not?? I wonder if no social networks, where and how you gona tell the world and your mum that you love her…”

I really don’t understand why people wish their mother in Facebook lo. Can’t you just use the time and energy to SMS them? Or call them? Okla for those mums that have Facebook then okla. And if no money to call back, okla use Internet la.

But the funny thing is they even wish other people’s mum.

HALOOOOO! Other people’s mother also your mother ah? Mother eh you!

Please let me use a phrase from Mr Patrick Teoh, “niamah!”

At least, pray quietly in your heart wishing her a good health n happy life. Oh yeah, I’ve been doing that. See, easy and free.

Instead of keeping photos of yourself, or your friends’ photos or your lover’s photos in your wallet or purse, why don’t you keep a photo of your family? Will you be here without them? I’m not condemning la ok, but just think about what I said.

You see, I’ve been observing a trend or a behavior of human. You see when they say or ‘I pray that’ something something, do they really make a wish and pray?


Their wish and prayers never work. Saying and telling that they will wish you are just merely words to show support but it’s not really a truthful support.

Whenever you say to someone you pray that they will be good in something, make sure you really do it through your heart and not your mouth. If you are a believer, make the prayer through your religion.

Sorry la I just cannot accept people say they pray that bla bla bla but it’s just another kind of flowerish words.

People nowadays really macam-macam pun ada.

Very funny lah!

*Anyway, everyone in my house is packing up tonight cuz we are going back tomorrow. Woah have you seen a Packing Marathon before?? =p

*And mum, i'm going back later, so see you!