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Thursday, 8 April 2010

YOU are quoted

"Boss, many people said feel touched when read the article. Then many people think your pictures are from the newspaper. Then when i told them it's from you, they shocked. Means your level same with newspaper liao. So many people impress that J-On got such first hand pictures."

~ 7.07pm 8/4/2010
~ Kow Kwan Yee
~ Chief Editor of J-On, UTAR, Kampar
~ via MSN

* hahaha. she's referring to the photos in Tq bos for the compliment. u just made my day. Hidup OCE Hidup J-On. wahahaha.

waiting (2)

3/4/2010 10.46pm Sitting alone at the train's staircase when the train is moving from KL Sentral back to Kampar.


3/4/2010 1.31pm Waiting to reach Cyberjaya in KLIA Transit.

The Amazing Race Season 16 Episode 8 in Penang

Woah im so proud when i know that my home sweet home is being shown n watched by the worldwide audience through AXN.

And i was sad actually for not being at home in Penang to watch it. I don't have Astro here in Kampar ma. Then only i know i can actually watch online. ahaha. so ulunya aku. Thanks Kenny for telling.

Anyway, when is my turn to be in TARA?? =p