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Sunday, 6 November 2011

i found Ghee Urendeh!

Finally.. Finally..

I found my favourite Indian delicacy, Ghee Urundeh.

I was like jumping up and down upon seeing it.

I missed it so much.

I can't find it in Kampar.

I started to fall in love on it when i was in secondary school. I remember i went to my teacher's house for Deepavali and she gave me that.

Thanks to my good friend, Murukesh and Kumahresh and his family for that.

I tapao 4 Ghee Urundehs home.



Sunday in Penang

12.59pm 6.11.2011

Nice view from my balcony after a downpour. It's nice to just relax at home on a Sunday. It's a good time to recharge and rejuvenate. Sometimes you need to slow down in life to get more joy. =)