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Friday, 10 June 2011

what's in the begpack?

Finally I’m going back to Penang tonight. It feels so nice. It feels as if I’m away from home for months, but the truth is, I’m in KL just for less than 3 weeks.

I have three off days from Saturday till next Monday. So might as well go back Penang. There are things for me to settle there. And most importantly I’m going for AXA AFFIN Health is Might AXN BIG CHALLENGE preliminary round in Penang TOMORROW. The organizer just sent me a confirmation e-mail.

So I packed my things this morning. I bring my backpack to office. So after work, I’ll straight to Pudu Bus Station, get the ticket and go home.

You know what.. my begpack is heavier than me!! Damn heavy gila babi!

I hate it everytime when I go back Penang, there will sure be a lot stuff in my beg.

People ask me what I bring home. I question myself too what is in my begpack.

So what’s in my begpack??

Er… a lot of gadgets and tools la.

I didn’t bring much home.

1 pants, few shirts

Laptop, charger, coolpad

Etc la..

Body is already in pain due to the heavy beg. Oh can go urut in Penang lah. Hehe.

*Being so unproductive in the office because I have nothing to do.

* Last night I had a nightmare again. That was the second time during my stay in KL. Laz time abt death in family. Nw abt police n domestic violence