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Friday, 26 October 2012

Change? What change??

Change? What change?

It’s very ironic when people say they want to change or they have changed.

If you really want to change yourselves, you don’t have to tell the world, you can just whisper confidently to yourselves and do it.

It happens all the time when the people who confidently or maybe unconsciously say they want to change, ended up remain the same, some worse.

And how do you know you have changed? Simply telling people that you’ve changed will not prove that you’ve changed.

A change in you does not shown by what you said but through your actions. If you are a changed person, people can notice it without you saying it.

Only an attention-seeker with low self-esteem will keep on telling people every now and day, almost every time that he/she has changed.

What is funny and questionable here is hey how many times have you changed. In a week, you said you have changed for few times. So which is true? What mask are you wearing now? You changed from A to B to B to C to Z to D to K to T to X or what? What’s your formula, boy? Mind to share?

‘Change’ is a very important, heavy and full of responsibility’s word. You don’t simply use it unless you have done it.

Most of us want to change from bad to good but only those with strong heart and mind, dedication, perseverance and sincerity prevail.

A change takes time. There’ll never be a change if there’s no first step.

I guess you have to change the way you are now before you go out and tell anyone that you want to change or you have changed.

Sometimes, action speaks louder than words.

The biggest enemy in your life is none other than you, yourselves, not anything or anyone else.

A change is only a change when it has happened. If not, at all time, it is just a mere slogan.

Or a plain rubbish!

*siapa makan cili dia rasa cabai.*