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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Ibu, The Queen The Ratu

This week is the last week of studies in this semester. Next week will be the study week then final exam.

You know people, it's time to put a 'comma' to facebook, myspace, friendster, twitter, ekawan, blogspot, plurk, wordpress and whatsoever websites la.

Just put it on hold for a while. Or at least don't use it that often.

I just feel so bad for being so playful (as usual) this semester. Hey not so playful also la ok. I did my assignments, presenatations etc. N i had several achievements also ma.

I feel bad for not giving the best in me in studies. I am NOT stupid! i know that. Im just lazy.

Im kinda moody right now because i miss my mum. I miss her..

i just watched a video and listened to as song about mother and I'm emotionally affected by it.

Im so lucky to be here, staying in this house, studying in university while some of my peers don't even have the chance to study.

My mum wants me to succeed in life. I believe every mother's dream is to see their children be someone useful and someone successful.

It's so hard to swallow when i know my mum is working her ass off and im having my leisure time here.


Ask yourself these questions.

"Whar have you contribute to your family and your parents?"
"Have you really tried  your best in everything you do?

The best woman in my life will always be my mum.

N now i promised myself to work harder for the final exam.

That's a promise.

And before my final, i wana at least clear the mess in my room and get all my notes done.


Nothing in this world is more valuable than the love from our parents.

Love them and show them your love before it's too late.

Im not a good son. I love them but i don't know how to show it. ='(

I wish i'll be a kid again, to manja with my mum, to get caning from her, to be fetched by her with bicycle.

I know no matter how old i'll be, i'll still be that little kid for her.

I miss her, i can;t wait to see her next week and go to Thailand for a vacation with her.

Ibu, engkalulah ratu hati ku.

QUOTE of the day

People are the master of the government.

war has ended


JUST 10 MINUTES to end the war!


i managed to register all 5 subjects for next semester by 11.10am!

fuh! what a relieved! i feel so good right now.

my hands were shaking, fingers were shivering, my heart was pounding fast!

it's a normal reaction everytime we need to register subjects for next semester. We had a bad experience before when the system was down because every single student in UTAR register at the same time! and sometimes we don't get to register subjects that we want according to our preferred time slot.

But this time, the subjects registration is not as bad as before. UTAR has upgraded their system. It's faster and less jam now.

It's also more systematic because they have specified the registration time to certain courses and not all the courses in UTAR.

For example, students of Journalism, Advertising and English Language from Faculty of Arts and Social Science (FAS) have to register at 11am today but for Chinese Language, Physchology and Public Relation, they register at different time.

so good job to UTAR. Im happy with my 'achivement'. Thank God i got all the time slots i wanted. haha. i guess some are still struggling to register the subjects now.

All the best people.

WAR in UTAR again




By this time, most of FAS students already in front of their laptop of computer to register their subjects the next semester.

And all of them like mad horse, waiting for the green light to run off.

Please please I pray the internet connection will be obedient from 11-11.15am.


18/4/2010 12.38am

DRUNK?!! Nah.. definitely im not cz I dun drink. Credits to the photographer, Nixon Lai for this cool picture that I asked him to take when we met up last weekend in Penang.

Look at my healthy hair! Soft, shining, thick! Haha.

Now who wana hire me for sad, emo, and scary advertisement?

Home - Michael Buble

woohoooo! Michael Buble! u rockz!! go go go!! ush ush ush!

i just love your drunken style in this song. anyway.. i melt eveytime i listen to this song. n i fell in love to ur voice seriously. I feel like going home again..

Aku cinta padamu lah bubble! =p