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Sunday, 11 December 2011

what the Total Lunar Eclipse..

What the moon!

What the total lunar eclipse.

I see almost nothing.


I was raining whole night here in Kampar.

People here are not that lucky.

The moon has been hiding behind the clouds.

Once a while it came out but not clear.

But ok la.. I can see the orange color.

I tried to snap some shots but it’s hard though due to the clouds and my unstable tripod.

I remember last year, about this time, there were shooting stars.

And the UTAR students, like today, flocking the road, looking up the sky..

But there are people who are not bothered about it. Yea what’s the fuss about it anyway??

No more moon tonight! Go back to study or sleep and see the sun tomorrow la.

These are the photos i took just now from my balcony.

No cropping. No editing.


*i'm surprised that i am posting all these photos although it's not nice. This time really cacat la. Usually i don't do that.*