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Monday, 14 February 2011

pat tor thnia

Sakit perut yang teramat-amat sangat. Bahasa pasar kalau kat Penang, I cakap sakit gila babi.

Damn painful ok my stomach.

Thnia ka boi si!

Few years already I’m having serious and frequent stomach ache.

Don’t ask me why cause I duno why.

If it’s possible, I wana take away my stomach!

Why I talk so much in my blog. Cause I wana tell la. I need to say it out la. If I keep everything in my heart, can die one ok. No one is here, no one to listen to, so I talk to my blog la. Got people read or not is not a big deal.

Okla okla. I can’t stand it anymore. Sleep NOW!

message that make you smile whole day

juz wanna let U know, everytime I feel so weak, sick n demotivated bcoz of this illness, I'll visit ur blog n read everything especially d funny part. I will read them over n over again. Make myself laughing like a mad girl. hehe. No one can truly understand d distress n frustration I'm feeling right now. But reading ur funny posts always give me feel I could get a break. Or I could handle it.

~ Miss Anonymous
~ 4.47pm 14.7.2011

QUOTE of the day

When it is time to do something, do it right at the moment. Well, the time is now.. =p

before it's too late..

We may have thousands friends and hundreds partners. But how many mother, father and grandparents you have? I think we should appreciate, love and spend more time with them before they are gone forever.

Happy Valentine Day

Today is 14 February which is the well-known Valentine Day throughout the world.

In Malaysia, the people celebrate it too and it's definitely a Western culture.

But who cares where it came from as Malaysians adopt a lot of culture from all over the world.

but recently there's a HOT issue again, the controversial Valentine Day.

The oppositional political party, PAS is acting like a moral police while Islamic body, JAKIM is saying that Valentine Day is a day where vice activities happen.

sweat. what a moron statement. ignorant.

i'm not gona comment about that in this post.

what i wana say is Valentine Day is just a day to celebrate and commemorate love with your loved ones be it, mother, father, lover and even friends.

Let me show you my version of Valentine Day.!/album.php?id=599962876&aid=125577

View this album in my Facebook.

Lastly Happy Valentine Day to all.

or Selamat Hari Maksiat?

haha! Who knows one day the government might just make Valentine’s Day into Hari Maksiat?

Anything is possible in this Boleh Land.

Only in Malaysia.