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Wednesday, 21 July 2010


Waaa! 8.30pm d ah? So late d!! I just reached home 5minutes ago. Class finished at 7.30pm then rushed to pasar malam.

I have a very long thing-to-do-list for tonight!


This is the highest level of busy I would say. Gila-gila busy man!


every second is filled with something. Every action is faster than usual. My conversation also faster and shorter. Haha. this Is really crazy la. rush here n there.

so what to do tonight?

1. Shit

2. Bath

3. Eat

4. Save Bash Party pictures for Goto Emi

5. Boil water

6. Return coat to Kwai Peck

7. Spread the news about UTAR Kampar SRC First ‘Monthly Public Dialogue Session’ tomorrow

8. Prepare a press statement on SRC dialogue session

9. Create an event page on FB on SRC dialogue session

10. Prepare slides for 11am presentation tomorrow

11. Do a short report on presentation to be submitted tomorrow.

12. Complete the SRC dialogue session’s proposal for DSA

13. Agendas and posters for SRC dialogue session

Arrghh! Stress loh. So many things to do. How to finish. But eh syiok also la. let’s sleep at 3am. Yea let’s hope I can sleep at 3am.

Dah la tak nak cakap banyak! =p


my name..

My name is OH CHIN ENG.

OH CHIN ENG is my name.

hehee ok.

see you.

tata. =p

QUOTE of the day

"When your conscious is clear, you did nothing wrong. You let people say what they want to say."

~ UTAR President
~ Ir. Prof. Dato Dr. Chuah Hean Teik
~ during his speech on the SRC Hand Over Ceremony 2010
~ 20/7/2010, Petaling Jaya