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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

McD Maniac

some people so damn muka tebal, muka sekupang, tak malu, tak sabar, kiasu, taik cirit, buy food (McD) oso wana cut line ah?!! oik!! nvr eat McD ah? or cant wait to go home n SHIT?! pls la.

go back to Standard 1, the teacher will teach u how to queue up 1 by 1.


sabar la..

y so desperate?

McD won't fly away lah.



this happened when i bought my dinner at McD just now. if not because my friend, stop me, im gona shout at her. yea yea i should be tolerate bla bla bla.

but helo simple basic thing like wait for your turn also don't understand??

how old are you??


age is not a matter.

maybe the older you are, the more situpad you are.

eh no la.

maybe u r just being ignorant.

oh ya!

u duno u must queue up right.

yea yea yea..

so why i din tell her off.

oh cuz i scared i will naik gila, and i dun wana embarrass her in front of her kids.

thank you.

a humble reminder

I don't want to be mean but I am sorry i have to say this.

What have you contributed to the people? Do you ever want to serve them?

No one should be kaki tumpang nama or do nothing but just want the name.

Leave if you don't have the heart to be in the team. Leave if you don't care of people's welfare. Leave if you talk big but no action. Leave if you do nothing.


You should know your PRIORITY.

You are here in this position not to show off, get notice, lobby for posts and contracts, but to do work.

Respect is to earn.

Public interest is much more important than personal interest.

Please do some REFLECTION.

You can disgrace yourself. NEVER disgrace and humiliate your team.

People look up at you. You actions will reflect on the team.

I am not only angry. But i am highly disappointed and fed up!

I thank you, the student who help me to solved the problem.