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Thursday, 18 April 2013

3days thoughts

3days thoughts, not in order:

I can’t remember when was the last time I blog.

But I know it has been ages. Months. Too long. I stop blogging actively ever since I started working. Blogging for me is too personal. Blogging is a personal expression. And I don’t want the readers or public to link it with the company im working with. And I don’t want to be allegedly being a supporter to any political parties. And I’ll hate it if people accuse or label me as a bad employee from my postings.

Anyway today I have some thoughts to share.

1.       It has been a tiring week. So much things to settle, bt in a same amount of time. it feels like thr’s less than 24hrs a day.
2.       Preparing to leave the island. Will b away for mor than half a month in a land far away called Kepala Batas, alone. It’ll b interesting n challenging!
3.       Cant wait for a loooooong break.
4.       Dis is an important announcement dat my green scooter is goin to leave me. If u sat on the bike b4, say byebye. It has been loyal to me for yrs, bringing me around Penang n Perak, rain or shine. U stil hv time to take pics with it until tmr morn.
5.       Wen its smtg dey dun like, dey scold, ask y nvr consult dem. Wen we consult, scold again, ask y nid to spoonfeed us. Hahaha. This is part and parcel of a working life.
6.       If made mistakes, dun cplain wen u r corrected.
7.       To my colleagues who have been kind, helpful, n resourceful tq so much. I appreciate gud ppl n those who smile wil leave a mark in my heart.
8.       Count ur blessings than ur sorrow.
9.       Wil thr b a change of gov? if yes, wat will hppen?
10.   anyway wana meet up? I m free until Fri nite.
11.   Photos for display r up.