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Sunday, 28 February 2010

tak mau balik

i don't want to go back to Kampar la. TAK MAU la..........

can i study here?

someone please use your supernormal power to move UTAR Kampar to Penang la.

Penang is so happening and has so much to give la.

i can get anything i want here form A - Z.

i miss my home.

i miss the smell of Penang.

i miss the faces of people in Penang.

i miss the backlanes and short cuts.

i miss the beaches and the hills.


i pass the casting (part 1)

Yes I pass tv drama the casting. I’ll talk about the casting later. Now I wana talk about something else.

I didn’t tell my mum I went for the casting. Usually I’ll only tell her after I achieve something or I’ll hint her that I’m joining something. Paiseh ma..

So just now I told my mum that there’ll be a shooting in Khoo Kongsi this March and I’ll come back again to act. She was like huh?? She said no because I’ll be skipping classes and I’m so busy this month.

Mum asked me worth it meh 1 hour RM5. I said it’s not because of the money la. she said ‘then what? If not money then you wana show off?”

Zzz.. speechless. This is a great opportunity la..

How many times in your life can you act on TV? Or how many of you got the guts to go for any type of auditions?

This is not only about fame and pride but it’s an opportunity, experience, networking and it’s an achievement. Now I have the chance that not everyone will get and this is what I want, how can I just let it slip away.

Before I go for the audition, im worried that they won’t even let me try because I can’t read Chinese. Then during the audition, I’m worried that they won’t take me. now after the casting, mum said cannot go.

The problem now is I already got it. The casting manager said ‘ok you are in. I’ll call you to let you know your schedule.’

Haih I know I don’t have the time la. seriously I am busy everyday until 1st of April. March is a month that full of mid term tests, assigment deadlines, and presentations. I’m also busy with the audition of The Amazing Race Asia,  shooting the video, go for the audition etc. Besides, I’ll be travelling to KL few times for seminars and for TARA.

I'm spending 3times more this Feb-April. aih..

Haih  I xtaula. I’ll try to split my time. If reali kenot, kehave to give up lo.


QUOTE of the day

You love someome not by just saying I love you.

weekend with eventsss

i just reached home n im still sweating.

no, Penang is not hot la.. i was snaping pictures the whole night.

i rushed here and there, up and down, north to south. Traffic was so bad.

Penang is so happening tonight.

There are two Chap Goh Meh celebrations in town. Then there's also a religious activity at Tanjung Tokong which is Cheah Hnoay, Flame-Watching ceremony.

It's so nice to be back in Penang this weekend and be part of the history.

anyway, there are 28days in February this year. haha. And Chinese New Year is gona ends on the 28th. The once in every 12 years Twa Pek Kong procession is also gona held on that day. =p

There's more events coming up on Sunday 28th. hehehehe.

Saturday, 27 February 2010

helmet of helmet

This is a story about my helmet. One of the reasons I came back to Penang is to get a new helmet.

YOU are quoted

"It's good to always be yourself. No point behaving like someone else just to impress people or whatsoever."

~ Loke Sooi Pheng
~ 12.09am 27/2/2010
~ via MSN

Friday, 26 February 2010

i live on an island

after almost 3 hours on the bus, 30 minutes waiting for ferry, 20 minutes on the ferry and 15 minutes on motorbike, finally i am home.

it just feels so nice to be back again.

believe me or not, im not sick anymore. hahaha.

im not sure whether you realised or not, Penangites are so proud of their island especially ME!!

yes i am proud of Penang, the tiny island that has so much to give and has produced a lot of achievements.

this is the place where i grow and live since i was born.

no where else feels more like home. it's so calm n stress free to be on the island.

just ask me anything about Penang and i think i can answer you.

If you want to avoid the traffic, u can use the shortcuts n backlanes.

Penang has everything that you are looking for.

Nature, politics, industrial, sports, religious activities, cultural celebration, food, heritage, entertainment etc ect.

I still remember a friend telling me that she was so skeptical and scared that our Penang bridge will collapsed when she came to Penang for the first time. hahaha.

This is where i belong. I was born here and i'll die here.

bye bye Kampar

its's time to say bye bye. =p

yes im going back to Penang again. Thank God im recovering. the rain also has stop. Thank you Pauline, my housemate because she's sending me to the bus stop later. =p

it's worth it i didn't go back this morning cuz i did a lot of things today.

1. i woke up early in the morning. i Berak / Pangsai /  Shit. then i bathed and i had a muffin for my breakfast.

2. then i washed by bedsheet and blanket. i dried my bed in the balcony.

3. i online. i received a very meaningful e-mail from Yoke Pinn. hahah. the e-mail really makes my day. it's a bout a photography competition la. ish!

4. Sotong asked me to go for lunch together. I agreed. but then i CIRIT. ish.

5. So i didn't go lo. i went to Sara's hse for Vege lunch. yummy. everything is so spicy!!

6. Then i rushed to Old Town around 1.30pm to give photographs to the Ah Kong Ah Ma. too bad one of them went out. Then i rushed to Gopeng to give picture to another Ah Ma. their smile erased all my sadness this week n cure my sickness. I'm happy to see them smile looking at their own photograph. They are happy. =p

7. I reached home and i fold my clothes nicely. put new bedsheet. i clean my room.

8. i upload pictures in FB.

9. it was raining so heavily at 5pm. by 6pm i couldn't take it anymore. im damn hungry. so i cooked magee for me n my hsemate. SEDAP. i stole 2 bijik eggs from the fridge. hehe. wat to do, i need to put eggs ma, i cannot use my own eggs la.

10. packing to balik kampung.
ok got to go. i haven't finish packing. bus at 7.14pm n i have to leave by 7pm. see you in Penang. oh ya!!
2010 is gona be a great year!! YESSH! ROARRR!!

it's RAINING!!

it's raining so heavily right now!!

woohooooo! rain some more rain some more!!

flood kan the whole Kampar. woohooo!!

this is the heaviest rain since last Monday.

the weather is still damn hot our there. please don't burn your rubbish k. tq. don't be a rubbish.

luckily today is public holiday. if not, UTAR students will be all wet.

You and I - Michael Buble

this nice song is gona put me to sleep tonight. This song was originally sang by Stevie Wonder.

ok time to sleep. The medicine has starts to react. Im feeling sleepy.

Pray more. Drink more water n sleep more. Don’t call me if there’s nothing urgent. Call me if only you need to. =p

Gnite people. Tata.

*sorry i can't find the video of Michael Buble singing this song.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

QUOTE of the day

"Religion is open to interpretation, man interprets it and man can – and does – make mistakes."

~ P. Gunasegaram, Managing Editor of The Star
~ from the article 'Persuasion, Not Compulsion'
~ in the column of 'Question Time', The Star
~ Friday, 19.2.2010

Thursday, 25 February 2010

it is holidays again

It’s holidays again. tomorrow is a  public holiday. It’s Maulidur Rasul, birthday of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.

Westlake is quiet again. most of the students take this opportunity to go back to their hometown. Some still in CNY mood.

This means I’ll have holidays from Friday to next Monday. 4 days of break. Wow.

It was drizzling just now but the whether is still very hot. I’ve taken my shower, did my laundry n hung my clothes.

I had Ghee Tossai + sugar n a banana for my dinner.

Im goin back to Penang again tomorrow. my bus at 7.15pm tomorrow. y so late? Cz I wana get better first and I wana do some houseworks and stuff about studies la. I know I won’t do anything in Penang. So before I go back, I’ll have time to repair my bicycle, do my assignments and have vege lunch at Rajina’s hse. =p

I must go back to Penang because:
1. There are a lot of events happening this weekend.
2. I need to help my senior to get a Nikon DSLR D3000.
3. Korek pics for photography competitions.
4. Get my clothes to Kampar.
5. Repair my speedlite.
6. Buy a backpack beg.
7. Get an international driving license.
8. Bring back tissue n pangsaicua.
9. Get my anti-virus n laptop hardwares.
10. Bring my stationary and drawing materials.
11. Buy a new helmet for my dad and put it back secretly to his bike.
12. Buy a headphone.
13. Count my Ang Pow’s $ n bank in $.
14. Bring CNY cookies, oranges etc back to Kampar.
15. Sew my sweater's zip.
16. Attend a chinese TV drama audition.

I can just go back tonight but I didn’t. so weird la. its ok. Apa dah jadi I pun xtau la.

still half dead

good morning people. It’s dinner time and I just woke up.

I’ve been sleepig since 4pm ++. I skipped 3 classes n 1 midterm test. whoa! WhAT a record. This is the first time I skip classed the whole day and first time I didn’t take my midterm test.

I actually went to Uni just now to take the test but then I left few minutes before the test because I couldn’t do it la. too sick. my Friends persuade me to go back n rest. I went to the hospital to check up n get the MC.

My lecturer, Miss Chiok had ‘lou sang’ with my classmates after the test. jealousnya. A bit sad la. feel bad I didn’t attend her class n test today. My friend didn’t call me to the ‘lou sang’ cz they know im not feeling well.

I received a sms while im sleeping. it’s from her, wishing me to recover soon. Haha. I had a dream in the afternoon. Then, I got a real sms at night. Can i say its a dream comes true? =p

Im still half dead, hungry. I think Ai Loon is right. I sing ‘Cit Lang Cit Pnua’ too much till I sick. Hahaha.

i OFFICIALLY skipped clas


i just woke up! i officially skipped 2 classes in this semester. it's not for fun ok but im really sick. im not ok. i feel so miserable ok. flu, fever, sorethroat, migrain n watsoeva yang sama waktu denganya.

i made a vow not to skip any classes but i have to break my record this time because sorry la im SICK. i can force myself to go to class but no point, i can't concentrate n i'll keep sneezing etc. I can't even move my ass out of my room la.

i have 2 classes from 9.30am but i've been sleeping till now.

you know why i wake up?? cz i had a dream!

i dreamt that my friends told me the midterm at 2pm later is postponed. i was so happy u noe. then in my dream, i saw her post something on my Facebook. it says 'hi babe i can't call you because im so busy. I hope you'll recover soon.'

haha! i was so happy that i straight away woke up n sat on my bed. but then i only realised it was just a dream.

n now it's almost 1pm. i still have midterm test at 2pm.

the panadols are not working. kenot pakai la! ish! i dun hav time to go see doctor la. n im the type that won't see doctor if im sick.

the coffee / caffeine that i took this morning also powerless. ISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSH!

i realised i that i always sick when im back in Kampar.

QUOTE of the day

"The friend is the man who knows all about you, and still likes you."

~ Elbert Hubbard

4 hours 4 tablets

here i am. awake. sick. cannot sleep.

i feel asleep just now after i post the previous blog. then i woke up because i was so not ok. and im awake till now.

i took 4tablets of panadol already in 4 hours. NO effect.

GRRRHHHH! i need to sleep la!! im having midterm tomorrow leh.


Wednesday, 24 February 2010

SICK again!!

i am SICK again...finally. zzzzz.. BAGUS la! i was having a light cough on CNY.

n now today, after the CNY hols, on the 2nd day of class, I AM SICK!! SO SO SICK!

aduih.. i hate flu. i feel so miserable. cannot concentrate in class at all. i bought a hankerchief to uni today.

to BERHINGUS la. takkan nk lap PUNGKOK kot.

what do u do when u got flu? SLEEP!!

that's what im gona do now. tak boleh tahan dah. esok pulak ada midterm n i haven't study yet.


my body starts to feel heaty d. i tell you, tmr morning i'll get fever n sorethroat.

good night la yer. yg baik hati tu pray la i'll recover fast and sempat study for my midterm k.

call me la ye..

good night. tata.

YOU are quoted

"What hurts the most was being so close, having so much to say and watching u walk away."

~ Racheal Soh
~ via FB status

thumbnails again

hohohohoho. it has been more than a year since my glorious day where my pictures always appear in The Star. People i know including my neighbour always ask why they never seen my name in the newspaper anymore.

See people know me because of this. it's not that i didn't send any photos to The Star but The Star didn't pick my photos. i felt like im being boycott. haha.

today a picture that i sent came out in The Star Thumbnails again for the second time in this year. hahaha. the first time was in 12/2/2010. i didn't tell anyone at ALL. but my good friends in Penang they saw and they told me about it.

isn't it a good thing? =p who doesn't want rm50 for free? besides i can share what i see to everyone, improve my writing skill and build up my portfolio and networking.

i've achived my resolution: i want the photos i sent to be published at least twice in a month.

and u thank God for my achievement. COME ONE, let's make 2010 a good year! ROAR!!

1st day of class after CNY hols

Me n my classmates. We took this picture on the 1st day of class after the one week long CNY hols. hahaha. most of us have new hair cut. Some of us wear new shirts, new pants, and even new undergarments. =p

first cut

Cat Stevens. kenal? Do you know him? He's a singer la. He said 'the first cut is the deepest pain'.

Hmmm... true also la. Usually anyhing that is first always leave the biggest mark in our life. Kan? Then we'll remember for the rest of our life. For example, our first love or our first love on someone who's not the same ethnic with us.

someone i know ada problem kot.

entahla. i didn't talk to her anymore. actually we didn't talk for 2days only la. haha. but it's like so long never talk already.

i just hope my friends and  the people that i love are always fine and happy.

Seriously im happy if they are happy. Do you know why people become clown? I guess they want to make people happy. Im crazy n im funny, not because i force myself to do that but that's my personality. i like to see people smile and laugh. that's the biggest love that keeps me breathing every single day.

一人一半 / Ee Ren Ee Pan / Cit Lang Cit Pnua

oenYoyoyo Hokkien lang out there? can speak Hokkien buy cannot read chinese?? Ahhaha! No problem la. today Ah Eng will teach you how to sing a Hokkien song. Gelenti you sing until ‘song-song’.

Have you guys heard of this song before? 一人一半 aka Ee Ren Ee Pan aka Cit Lang Cit Pnua? No? yes la.. this song so popular la ‘ah ba’. Em cai meh?? Finally after almost 1 hour, I came up with the hanyupinyin or the English version of the song’s lyrics. Hahaha. Copyright reserved ok. Not easy lu tau ka?? Have to listen n listen n listen n listen again n again n again every single word. Kang khor ok. But then syiok lor cz no one has the English version. Hahaha. 100% satisfaction cz I put a lot of effort in it.

Aiyah what to do la. wa bananaman. I duno how to read Chinese, so must word hard a bit lo. Sometimes I feel ashame la im a Chinese but I can’t read Chinese. I have to always ask my friends to translate for me. I must thank Tan Teck Joo for sending the song for me. I was singing this song whole day in uni today. Haha. sorry im addicted.

This song is touching and meaningful la. if you don’t understand, go ask your mama la ok?
So people out there. can’t read chinese like me?? BO BUN TE!! No problemo. Here is the lyrics. Remember bananaman also can sing Chinese songs tau. anyway, im stil a Chinese.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

一人一半 / Ee Ren Ee Pan / Cit Lang Cit Pnua

Song by 伍家辉 Wu Jia Huey
Hanyupinyin Lyrics by Oh Chin Eng

Cit lang cit pnua
Kam cieng bueh snua
Cit lang cit su ku
Kam cieng cia eh ku

Shi kuang lei jing
Ai jing de lei ti
Ee xing ji juey
Ai na mer kher kuey

Che yang de ren
Che yang di deng
Wu fei shi deng de
Hui ying mien sheng

Wei ai fan wen
Wu chee shang hen
Kang shing wei ni ee
Sheng dou fu chern

Che yang de ren
Mei shau wo chern
Sha sha de xing thou
Yeh bu jie thuen

Jio shuan chien lern
Jio shuan chang ren
Deng ni shang ji jer
Mei you de ren

Cit lang cit pnua
Kam cieng bueh snua
Ee jing cau tau ai
Wei her yau li khai

*music. La la la..

Shi kuang lei jing
Ai ching de lei di
Ni xing ji juey
Ai na mer kher kuey

Che yang de ren
Che yang di deng
Wu fei shi deng de
Hui ying mien sheng

Wei ai fan wen
Wu chee shang hen
Kang shing wei ni ee
Sheng dou fu chern

Che yang de ren
Mei shau wo chern
Sha sha de xing thou
Yeh bu jie thuen

Jio shuan chien lern
Jio shuan chang ren
Deng ni shang ji jer
Mei you de ren

Ee ren ee ban
Kan ching bu shan
Ee jing cau dao ai
Wei her yau li khai

Ee jing cau dao ai
Wei her shien li khai

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

buat kerja

yeah start buat kerja!! BUAT JANGAN TAK BUAT!!

esok 1 lecture cancel so class dari 12.30pm. tonight boleh tido lambat! sebab BUAT KERJA!



no time liao! masa slalu tak cukup for everyone. apasai?!! sebab MALAS la! sebab buat benda yg tak patut dibaut la. sebab tak plan time betoi-betoi la.

i tell u. i kasi tau u huh, i really boh eng oo this month although im chin eng. aih.. im packed every single days until 31/3/2010. after 31/3/2010, bye bye im not gona be in Malaysia for a while. hehe.

so before 31/3/2010 my days will be cramped will assignments, tutorial questions, proposals, presentations and midterms. SIBOK ah.
besides, i'll busy:

1. choosing photos for competitions
2. blogging (serious writing aka reporting)
3. preparing birthday present
4. shooting video for The Amazing Race Asia Season 4
5. travelling either to Penang or KL every weekends!
6. reading journals

kanasai betul la. ISH! im gona POKAI n my pocket gona KOYAK asyik duk travel.

esok pulak class whole day sampai 8pm. macam mana i nk goreng nasi penat2 balik dari kelas?? goreng katil ada ler..

busy but im stil relax2. haha. but im more rajin than last semester la. betul tak tipu.

anyway kan, im so happy. happy sgt. happy dari 1st day of CNY until today. adalah sebab-sebabnya..

uni frens r just so cool la. i love all of them. kawan-kawan pula in love. syiok betul tgk dia olang.

afterall, 2010 is gona be a good yr kan?? insya-Allah. if we work hard, semua akan jadi.


Monday, 22 February 2010

QUOTE of the day

To love is to risk not being loved in return.
To believe is to risk despair.
To hope is to risk disappointment,
But risks must be taken, because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing.
The person who risks nothing, does nothing, has nothing, is nothing.
they cannot learn, feel, change, grow, love, live.

~ Anonymous

kampar mood

finally im back here, K-A-M-P-A-R! nyeh nyeh nyeh! luckily here is not as hot as Penang. last night, there was a heavy downpour and TESCO got flooded. can u imagine that??!!

my dad sent me to jetty this morning. i reached Kampar at 11.40am. the traffic was so smooth, so less cars on the road. i took taxi back to my home n it cost me rm6. hmmmm.. have to pay lo, if not how to get back here?!! the taxi driver is so friendly, keep talking n talking n talking the whole journey.

OMG my room is so clean!! serious! no more spider webs. no more dusts. thanks a lot to my roomate, he cleaned it yesterday i think. i saw the ladder is still there. hehee.

i just had my lunch n im so damn sleepy right now. ok it's time to sleep. tonight will be a hectic night.

there's so much not-yet-do assignments, proposals, presentations n coming tests. Chin Eng oh Chin Eng, it's time to put aside unnecessary things aside and work ur ass on ur studies and ur future.

goodnight muax tata! =p

Laskar Pelangi - Nidji

entahla nak cakap apa malam-malam ni. layan je la lagu ni. sedap. lazat. enak.

im gona get the DVD soon. it's one of the best Indonesian movies. =p

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Mimpi adalah kunci
Untuk kita menaklukkan dunia
Berlarilah tanpa lelah
Sampai engkau meraihnya

Laskar pelangi
Takkan terikat waktu
Bebaskan mimpimu di angkasa
Warnai bintang di jiwa

Menarilah dan terus tertawa
Walau dunia tak seindah surga
Bersyukurlah pada yang kuasa
Cinta kita di dunia


Cinta kepada hidup
Memberikan senyuman abadi
Walau hidup kadang tak adil
Tapi cinta lengkapi kita

Laskar pelangi
Takkan terikat waktu
Jangan berhenti mewarnai
Jutaan mimpi di bumi

Menarilah dan terus tertawa
Walau dunia tak seindah surga
Bersyukurlah pada yang kuasa
Cinta kita di dunia

Menarilah dan terus tertawa
Walau dunia tak seindah surga
Bersukurlah pada yang kuasa
Cinta kita di dunia



Laskar pelangi
Takkan terikat waktu...

a midnight advice

Be sure whether you really like a person or it’s just a crush. Don’t say you like that person until you are very sure. Once you guys are hooked up, play your role effectively. Be serious. Be loyal. it’s nice to be friend. It’s nice to be girlfriend/boyfriend. But it’s bad to be an ex. So, if there’s no future of a relationship, don’t get into it and torture yourself. Yourself is your true lover. Don’t merely listen to others. You are the boss of your future, your life. If you like someone, just keep it to yourself. The more people know, the more troubles you’ll get. Don’t simply be nice to anyone even if you are a nice guy, even is someone need you. Most of the time, when you think that you are doing the right thing to people, people actually perceive it as a bad thing. It’s ok you know.. the whole world can turn you down but He’s always there and look after you. It's ok if people look down on you. It's ok if people downgrade you. It's ok if people misunderstood you. It's ok if people don't appreciate you. It's ok if people don't love you. What matters is you know what's actually happening, you must have dignity and hold on tight to your principles. Don’t give up in life. There are a lot more beautiful things to see. One day, sooner or later, people will see the true beauty in you.

Setiap benda yang berlaku ada hikmahnya.

* if anyone of you cannot accept my thought, it's ok. go. im not begging you to listen to me. if it suits you, take it. if not, leave it.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

QUOTE of the day

"Don't back down no matter what."

~ Horatio
~ CSI: Miami
~ Channel 701, AXN, 10pm-11pm, 21/2/2010

leaving tomorrow

tonight will be my last night here in Penang before i say bye bye again to this island. im leaving tomorrow morning at 9am.

suddenly i have a mixed feelings. it's all mixed up together. i can't wait to be back because a lot of assignments, presentations n test are waiting for me. but then im missing my family here.

i didn't write much recently. i did actually, but it's all scattered everywhere. i duno how to say, the structure is so cacat. im still the guy that has so much to say. =p

this year's Chinese New Year is great. im not talking about the Ang Pows that i get but the things that happened in this one week. As i said few months ago, 2010 is gona be great although the horoscope didn't say so. I'll work hard in everything i do, stay positive n be active. YES I WILL!! i need to keep doing something, anything so that my umpph for 2010 will always be there n keeps me motivated. a lot of things that i wana achieve this year. TOOOOO MUCH!

February is gona ends soon. not much time left cz i have so many things to do and so little time. i can't waste a single minute doing nothing. i realised i spent more then 50% of my time writing diary which is totally useless! grrrhhh! i'll try not to write diary anymore.

alrite got to go. my mum is now in my grandma's house preparing prayer for 'Pai Thnee Kong', a prayer for Jade Emporer la. SHe askes me to pack my stuffs now before i go to my grandma's house. Im gona send pics for a photography competition, pack then leave my house.

c u ppl. Happy CNY. tata.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

just for laugh

Berberak seketul busuk setandas.


QUOTE of the day

"You have to be believable to be believed."

~ by Ferdtan
~ article "Suicide or Murder? The public Decides."
~ Malaysiakini
~ 20/2/2010

Friday, 19 February 2010

QUOTE of the day

"When you imagine, everything can be real."

~ Cyril
~ Cyril: Simply Magic, AXN Channel 701
~ 1pm-2pm, 19/2/2010

Thursday, 18 February 2010

i need a backpack bag

people i need a backpack. a beg. a backpack beg. you know the long beg for travelling? i need it so badly. anyone is kind-hearted to sponsor me one? i;ve been such a nice boy in 2010 right? buy one for me as my birthday gift ler. hehe. very cheap only. you can get one for RM100++.

this is funny

"Eh.. Can u please mix with people who are decent and got common sense and akal?!!!"

~ Yeng Ai Chun
~ 12.28pm 18/2/2010
*bahahaha this is so funny n i can't stop laughing reading it over n over again. I like it although it sounds a bit harsh. =p

QUOTE of the day

i realized that i alwaz tell lies because i can't hurt the one i love.


Wednesday, 17 February 2010

photoshoot in the rain

IT'S RAINING MAN!! wooohooo!! hahaha finally it's raining! it has been so hot this few days. Usually it's like this every Chinese New Year.

Gila babi lebat ok! But it’s a good thing. Shoo shooo far away the hot weather. im sweating u noe..

Oh ya im all wet now. I just came back from taking family photos for my friend, Marie. How much??! No I didn’t charge her. please la I don’t charge my friends ok. it’s just a small favour. I won’t charge money from nice people.

Hopefully the photos boleh pakai la. the weather is kinda dark out there, so we did only 1 photoshoot outside n a few indoor.

Her mum gave me a big ang pau. Really big! Hahaha! Tq aunty.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

we on CNY

hehehe. it's a good CNY.


Limpeh sipek tulan im bein nice but ppl alwaz feel im jahat. Y olang talak appreciate you when u r being nice huh?! Kanasai! Podakh pund*k!

Monday, 15 February 2010

YOU are quoted

"Tak habis-habis Faizah."
~ Dexter Khaw Kuo Wen
~ 1.42am 15/2/2010
~ via MSN

"U dan dia masih beh liao beh liao ah?"
~ Nixon Lai Chia Huey
~ 1.45am 15/2/2010
~ via MSN

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Happy Chinese New Year & Happy Valentine's Day

WIshing everyone a very prosperous Tiger New Year. drive safe. eat well. pray hard. enjoy till the max.

Collect as many ang pau as u can. don't gamble too much. don't drink and drive.

To teh couples, Happy Valentine's Day. love with your heart, not my words. Be sincere, honest and trustworthy.

wish everyone a very happy 2010 la.
“hi.. I need to tell you something. I have to tell you this. I love you. I sayang you. And I really do. You don’t have to say anything. I know what’s in your heart. It’s ok. it’s fine with me. You know, when you help someone, when you are nice to someone, you don’t expect that someone to do the same thing to you right? So, I love you. You don’t have to reply my love. It’s ok if you don’t feel the same. I just want you to know. My feeling has never change. And I hope it will never change. My love to you is real and true. I I percaya selagi niat saya baik, selagi saya ada impian, selagi itu saya ada harapan, keajaiban akan berlaku. Happy Chinese New Year. Happy Valentine’s. I love you. tata.”

Saturday, 13 February 2010

last minute shopping

Finally I officially finished shopping for CNY. woohoo! Im tired. I reached Penang yesterday n I reached home in the midnite.

Then today at 4pm I went to cut my hair, buy socks, buy oranges and 2boxers. Hehehe. The hair cut cost me rm20, expensive betul. Usually rm10 only but CNY, they naik harga cekik darah. Last minute shopping is so stressful but it's worth it cz everything also got discount.

I was so shocked to find out that I actually cought a lot of shirts. This is the first year I have so many new clothes.

9 shirts
2 long pants
1 short pants
2 boxers
1 belt
1 hankerchief
3 socks
1 shoelace
1 specs

Damn! How much have I spent?!! Hahaha! IT’S OK LA!! im addicted to shopping this year. I dun mind spend a little bit to look good. Wheeee….

Btw, I just shaved my moustache n I look so clean. Hahah. Ok got to go. it’s time for reunion dinner aka makan besark.

Happy chinese new year everyone. Drive safe. Tata.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

dinner b4 sunset!!

im not really hungey yet la. but im going for dinner now. it is just 6.30pm la! Tiff n Rach wana eat now. gila babi betul they all. hahaha! sorry la my dinner time is always after 7.30pm. i'll only have my dinner after the sky is dark.

aiyah nvmla. just makan la. eat early then can settle my stuffs early. i need to clean my room before i go back to pg la. i havent's done my laundry, haven't pack, haven't

ok tiffany is shouting like Vivien down there. i have to go. tata.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

week four

It’s Week four now. everythingg seems so smooth for the past 3 weeks in this semester. Well, I guess it’s a good thing. Everyday filled with activities and lectures. I’ll sleep everyday after I reached home from uni. It’s just so tiring to have class from early morning till late afternoon. The good thing is I didn’t skip any classes yet. Wheee!! That is a big achievement!

Anyway, im starting to get busy with studies this week. Seriously. im doing my slides for my first presentation tomorrow. I stil remember I said not to be last minute. Haha. I’ll try not to. Nvm, my friends will always scold me n remind me to do my assignments. =p

Im also doing notes. Slowly la. Ppl cannot change in a blink of an eye ma. This week also a bit sueh, bad luck. No internet, no electricity n no water. N me n my coursemates went to fight for the high student bill that imposed on us. Geram nia.

Today was a lazy day la. Attent classes but cannot focus. feel so sleepy. For the first time in uni, i went out to makan during lecture. haha. it's all the influence by Tiff n Rach. wahaha.

We’ll meet the Dean this Thursday to solve this problem. Till then, gnite. Tata.

no internet no electric no water

It’s just few days away before the students of UTAR going back to their hometown to celebrate CNY. But shit things is happening.

Internet has been lagging and sometimes no connection at all since last Friday. Last night, the whole Kampar was black out and Westlake, the place where most of UTAR students are staying, in darkness for more than an hour. And this morning, no water!!

Wat the tut man!! How to survive in this condition??!!

TNB n water people in Kampar pls do smtg.

I cannot bath you know?!! Luckily I was so clever, I fill water in a pile last night. I used that water to wash my face n brush teeth. And the jamban still got water to fluch away my shit!! From now onwards no more peeing n shitting in 1194. My roomate went to my friend’s house to bath.

Shit la!!

Sunday, 7 February 2010

KATA-KATA hikmat

Buat baik tak perlu dibalas baik, asalkan hati happy dan puas bila berbuat baik.

Friday, 5 February 2010

bye purple gurl

Natasha Khanum, a very good friend of mine back in Penang.

This is the last picture we had and also the last time I met her which is last week, a day after Thaipusam. That’s the first time we hugged for so long and for so many times, as if we never hug before la kan. haha.

At this moment, she’s in the plane, flyling to Perth, to pursue her degree in Murdoch University, leaving behind her beloved family and friends. How I wish I could go abroad to study.

She’ll definitely do well there. she’s a smart ass!! No problem!! Go there and get boyfriends back to Penang!

Nat, be safe ok!! don’t drink too much. =p

I’ll miss u. keep in touch. Update us, Kaki Penang. We’ll see you again next March!!

Love u.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

when best friend is leaving..

how would you feel when you are on such situation? im not a good writer. i definitely not one.

busy lar...

haloooooooo.... i noe i have not been blogging much ever since my new semester began. Not that i don't want but i don't have the time.
I am so busy la.. But i am so happy.

heheh! 2010 is just too great. a lot of good things happened. my daily lives is packed ie. studies, activities, outings, sleep, kaypo, complain this n that, korek n write news. haha.

i noe there r ppl who read this crappy blog but sorila i im able to blog as much as how i did last time.

Trust me, I have a lot of things to say actually. Too many things to say but too little time. i still owe people articles and photos. see la how bad i am, how 'busy' i am.

i just reached home actually. adalah soemthing just now. today was awesome, like the rest of the day. ok, i'll talk more abt that when i have the time la. now i wana go oink oink, nak landing macam Superman atas katil den balik to my bed again tmr morning.

hehee. good nite. tata.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

QUOTE of the day

"A nation is nothing without the stories it tells itself."

~ Yasmin Ahmad

Monday, 1 February 2010

3 benda aku PANTANG

Arggghhh! For your information, Aku paling benci, meluat, menyampah dan yang sama waktu dengannya apabila orang kacau masa I tido. boloH!!

Eeee!! Geram!! Pissed off!! 3things in my life that I pantang orang kacau.

1.masa aku tengah berak
2.masa aku tengah tidO
3.masa aku tengan tangkap gambar!!

Aku penat gila today. It was a very good nice first day of week three in semester 1 year 2. Nanti la aku bagitau y. so tadi balik rumah 5 smtg terus tido la. punyala membara panas cokodok basi banana goreng kat Kampar.

So aku tak paki baju tido la. tido-tido tiba-tiba ada satu laki called i. masa tu pukul 6pm plus plus. Dia tu chairman untuk Model Search kat universiti i la. nak cari model kat UTAR konon. Orang mai uni nak blaja, dia olang nk cari model, nak gedik sini nk gedik sana. Takpela mak dia olang nk dia olang mai uni buat benda-benda mcm tu kot.

So u noe why dia cal? Dia minta I p tgkap gambak models dia sekarang!! WTF man!! Now?? at 6pm plus plus?? Masa aku tgh nyenyak duk tido?!! No way! Akau kata kenot la aku kat rumah dah. Aku bgtau aku tgn charge battery cam i. Dia duk huh huh tak paham apa aku cakap! Ish! Aku blur-blur terus tutup fon! Arghh! Biar pi ar!

Senang-senang cal orang lewat petang den mint ai p tgkap gambak! Podakh!! Ada ke orang last minute mcm ni?!! Ingat ni apa agensi berita ke?!! Dulu I register nk jadi photographer untuk event tu. dia kat ok n bagi aku briefing nak tangkap pics bila etc. But then last week dia cari other photographer n tak inform aku. WTF!! WTH!! WTT!! Dia olang ada timetable n schedule for photoshoots. Photographer hebat dia orang tu mesti last minute tak boleh nak pi sebab tu cal i!

Gila!! sorila aku tak heran kalau korang tak cal aku!! Aku bukannya syiok sgt nk tgkap gmbr model posing posing ni!. Eeeww! That’s just not my field of interest. see now im awake!! sebab kena kacau masa tido. just a while ago, my housemate duk hentam pintu i nk cari my roomate. grrhhh!


QUOTE of the day

"It's not important to be the best. It's just important to be the first."

~ Page 14, Yasmin Ahmad's Films
~ by Amir Muhammad