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Sunday, 3 July 2011

Malaysia is like a book

Malaysia is like a thick long-winded book.

Outside, it’s just a hard cover, a surface that is plain in nature. But if you never open it, you’ll never know what’s inside. The stories about Malaysia lie inside the thick book. Read it sheet by sheet, you will discover that this nation has so much magnificent stories to share. You will realize that this land of diversity has so much to give.

There are love, care, unity, understanding, tolerance, acceptance, creativity, knowledge, and hope in every chapter of the book. The characters in the book are so special and unique in their own way. Blending with kuah and buah makes the Rakyat so rojak with the practice of different cultures, religions, and languages.

These are the colours that make the book continue to be written. Take your own sweet time to read it but I can tell you that you’ll never be able to do that. This is a priceless book that if you don’t take care of it, you’ll never get a reprint version or a new same book.

Good and bad, beauty and ugly, ups and downs, that’s what makes us stronger. And those stories must be safeguard. That’s the history that can’t be changed. That’s the stories we want to tell our children.

Remember and remember, this is a book that belongs to all of us. Whether it’s gona be hot-selling book or not, it will depend to us, the guardians of the country. It has started by our forefathers, now, it’s our time to continue pen the book and pass it to the generations to come. Let’s leave them a good future. Safeguard it like how you safeguard your belongings.

We may be different but we are all brothers and sisters.

You too, are a part of the stories in the book entitled ‘Malaysia’, as you are… Malaysians.

Awesome Sunday

What a lazy Sunday but it's a working day and now it's a rainy day but it's ok, today is gona be a awesome day. =p