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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Democratising the rakyat

Filepic from Himpunan Mansuhkan ISA on 1/8/2009

You stand firm on the principal of democracy. You go against bad government. You speak up and articulate your thoughts. You create social awareness. You create fear to the people holding power. You got arrested. You are not given fair trial. Your voice is being suppressed.

Your image is ruined. Your family and friends are worried. You lost your job. You lost your dignity. You lost your rights.

You become the victim of democratization process for the betterment of the society and generations to come. The cost to pay is high.

YOU are quoted

No matter how talented, hardworking or capable you are, you still need someone to give you an opportunity to shine.

~ Christina Chin
~ 26/6/2011
~ via FB