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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

oh nervous oh

tomorrow presentation.

i think for the very first time i feel nervous..



Scary! Spooky! Crazy!

Only 3 words can described a nightmare that I experience just before I opened my eyes this morning.

It may sound strange but that was what actually happened.

I never experienced any spooky dreams for quite some years, as far as I remember.

I went to bed around 3pm.

I was so tired so I thought I can sleep straight away.

But then it went another way round.

I closed my eyes. Then the dream started.

a note for u Vivien Chang

Vivien Chang Wei Lin, I must tell u this. Sometimes life requires a touch of insanity n u give us that for more than a year d. it’s good to have you around, with ur hysteria laughters, taktau malu actions n whatsoever crazy stuffs u did la. u brighten up my day, add some spices in my life. Yea sometimes im so angry at you. Sometimes i am so pissed, i felt like wana strangle u. But i still love u la.. =p U definitely make our university life here more interesting. For that I thank you. thx for driving us crazy. =p