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Thursday, 1 July 2010

i miss home..

its raining out there..

i duno why the whole Westlake is so quiet tonight. yea i know it's raining, but i feel the whole world is so quiet..

i can sense the loneliness in me..

i need to do something..

i just got back from the closing ceremony of Business Week in UTAR. i was invited. and of course i help my friend to take pictures for her society.

some people critisize, how in the world this chairman gona be a chairman cuz he only knows how to take pictures. haha. negative negative comment. it's ok. im gona prove it to them those who take pictures also can be a chairman. =p

mood like gila babi this week. im stress i guess.. stress with assignments, SRC etc. I miss home.. i haven't gone back home yet ever since the new semester started. i miss my family so so much. i wana see them.. i miss my mum's scoldings.. i miss her food. i miss them.. i miss them so much. so much.. i need a good rest seriously. i need to recharge myself from Penang. i need to get away from UTAR for a while, 2days are enough. =p

anyway.. thanks to my friends in Kampar. thank you. thank you. that's the only word i can say to show my gratitude to u guys. u guys have been always there for me. you guys helped me a lot!! i mean.. if without you people, i can't be who i am today. thanks a lot. thanks for being part of my life, be there even when i don't need you people. =p i love u all ok.. i really do. i'll try not to make mistakes that can be avoided lo.. ok ah.. im sorry tau. thanks for being a friend since Year 1 Sem 1 till this moment.

n i think im emo because of my teeth. i talk less since last Monday. i bukannya bertaubat la ok. i CANNOT talk! my teeth is so damn painful. can't talk can't eat. WISDOM TEETH ka? i duno la man.. aih.. why must we have wisdom teeth la. this is teh time i need to talk a lot you know.. Don't tell me have wisdom teeth already ill have high wisdom and be matured.. can meh?

raining.. hmmm.. the sky also sad ah. or People up there also sad that's what u cry? chill la..

it's still so quiet out there. i can listen to the rain drops, the wind and even my heart beats..