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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

nightmare during daytime

woah! i just woke up because my classmate called me.
if not i'll still be in my dream.

i must quickly write it down before i forget.

i had a nighmare actually and it happened during daytime.

hmmm.. i think it's because i didn't wash my legs before i sleep. She always tell me to wash my legs before sleep but i was too tired la just now.

furthermore, it's going to be Mahgrib now. eeee.. sacry.

let me tel you what happened. but i think you'll get the story more if you are from UTAR la.

The scene is in Penang. Weirdly i was heading to campus in Batu Ferringghi, a place that is very far from town. ok fine. i took public bus. on the way, i saw this orchard n it's guarded by machineguns n cctv everywhere. i duno why i went there. i just went kaypo la. Then i saw an animal, a very rare to see animal and i don;t even know what it is coz i think i didn't even exist.

Then suddenly im on the bus again. i  reached my campus with Yong and Sotong. My campus suddenly become so big, so long and so grand.Everyhting that happpend in my dream is so ridiculous. We hav a rule that someone cannot help others to bring their belongings. I went to canteen to eat and i passed my files and books to Yong.

after i eat, i walked along the corridor to find Yong. I found him so he passed me by things la. suddenly the guard was there and he wanted to give us summon. Sotong suddenly appeared. so 3 of us keep saying sorry, apologize and we promise won't do it again. i told he guard i asked Yong to hold my things because i left something in the canteen, so i went back to look for it.

the guard still not ok. I cannot tahan la. i said 'eleh ingat hang bagui sangat ka?' which means you thought you are so good is it?

The guard was so angry and he wanted to give us summon. the funny thing is the summon is in the form of a chop. i don't know where is he going to chop bt it's a chop, rubber stamp. zzz. so 3 of run la. we were like taking part in marathon. we ran like superman. we were so damn scared ok. it's like we are in the criminal; wanted list, as if we just murdered someone.

then i saw public bus in my campus. public bus cannot enter our campus actually. but it was there to pick up students. so we rushed onto the bus la. unfortunately i left my beg in the canteen. i went back to get my beg but i saw the guard and other guards were looking for us with guns. We were like criminals. so i have to keave my beg there lo.

and suddenly Haw Yeen appeared on the bus with us. zzz.. yeah, at the end we managed to escape lo.

i tell you my heart was throbbing but i couldn't wake up. luckily my classmate called me.

fuh... what kind of dream is this la.. ridiculous.

YOU are quoted again

"A photo a day, Oh Chin Eng made a better day."

~ Nixon Lai Chia Huey
~ 2.34am 3/3/2010
~ via MSN

*hahaha. this is so sweet, motivating and inspiring. thank you.

138 Hutton Lane, Penang

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thank you.