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Thursday, 28 January 2010

old people #28

14/4/2008 5.32pm Jalan Sandilands, Penang

If you are a real Penangite, then you'll definitely know this uncle. He's the oldest cobbler at 'chit tiau lor' or in Bahasa Malaysia, Jalan Tujuh or in English it means The Seventh Road. Anyway he passed away already last year. Now i think his son is taking over this old occupation that were brought from China.

Countdown to Vel Vel

The day is getting nearer. Tomorrow will be the last day of my vege fasting before Thaipusam on Saturday. can’t wait to go back to Penang tomorrow at 2.35pm. This year Thaipusam is the most challenging for me. a lot of things that are planned have to be cancelled due to certain reasons.

I haven’t settled my Thaipusam stuffs yet. I just called Sasi to get me the needles for forehead. It’s a 3-joint needles with Murugan sacred spear. No one in Kampar sell those things. I also just confirmed wif my old friends, Murukesh that I’m foolowing him and his family on the Thaipusam day. Before this I supposed to follow 2 other frens but unfortunately something happened.

I’ll be piercing my forehead and taking palkodam on my head. No more cheek piercing this year. If I do that I have to do it for 3years. Im not sure next year I can do it anot, so it’s better not to do it la. furthermore, I need to place the needle at an altar to pay respect to it. Cannot just simply place it. I did it 3 years already.

So on the Thaipusam day itself, I need to follow Indian friends. i must do some prayer before the piercing. Oni Indian people know how to do it, must prepare the praying materials etc. I need my friends help to cover the palkodam, to wear me the dhoti etc.

First thing to do when I reached Penang tomorrow is to buy turmeric. Then get the needles and palkodam. Then find my Thaipusam chain. Then use turmeric to wash it and also to wash my clothes and to bathe. Then only I’ll go see the chariot of Murugan to get His blessing. It’s a must to see the chariot of Murugan and pray for those who’s carrying palkodam and taking kavadi. i feel easy and calm after the prayer. I won’t be sleeping on my bed tomorrow. I’ll just sleep on the floor, wear my yellow Thaipusam suit.

So what do I do as a preparation for Thaipusam? Haha. the answer is very simple. I must be CLEAN. Definitely it’s not easy. I must take care of what I eat, my words, my actions, my thoughts and my body. Some people will just stay at home so that they won’t get distracted. But here in Kampar I have to attend classes. I feel stress, angry, sad etc. All those feelings make me say bad words, think badly. It’s not good actually. Those carrying Kavadi or Palkodam must not think about revenge, love, sex etc. body also must be clean. I just cut my finger…nails.

Another thing is it’s hard to find vege food here. There’s one Chinese aunty selling vege food but her style of vegetarian is it’s ok to eat egg. And yesterday I accidentally taken egg for my lunch. Aih.. It’s easier to get vege food in Penang compared to Kampar.

I don’t take egg and even milk for my vege fasting. Back in Penang, I won’t even wear shoe for the last few days. I’ll just stay at home, less talk, pray more and do my homeworks. I supposed to use new towel and toothbrush but I didn’t. nevermind la. hehe.

Im very tired today. Class started at 11.30am until 6.30pm. I haven’t finish packing yet. Im doing it now actually. Usually I only pack few hours before I depart but this time I duno why I pack so early. Ahah. Oh ya I won a second prize in a photography competition in my uni. I got the prize today. Hehe. Okla I feel much much better today. Im so happy. on the other hand, someone from English Language couse interviewed me today for her assignment. Proud a bit la someone interview me. The interview session took more than 1 hour 30 mins and I was late to class. =p

So okla I need to go. class at 8am tomorrow. I’ll bring all my stuffs to uni and then straight to bus stop. Nice coursemate, Corene is fetching me to uni. whee! I’ll blog about my experience of Thaipusam later la. gnite. Tata.