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Sunday, 14 August 2011

Lee Chong Wei vs Lin Dan: Yonex BWF World Championship 2011 Final

Malaysia's Lee Chong Wei celebrating his win against China's Chen Jin 21-13,21-9 during the semi-final match. Starpic by KAMARUL ARIFFIN/The Star

Wohooo Lee Chong Wei is in the final! Yes!! Yes! I knew he can make it! He beat Chen Jin in the semi-final last night. 21-13 21-9. I was watching the first match but I have to leave the house for dinner. Chong Wei was a bit slow and cautious la at the beginning but after that, hmmm.. No chance for Chen Jin at all! It’s nice to finally have the chance to watch him play. I missed his matches earlier.

Lee Chong Wei will meet the giant killer and his greatest rival, Lin Dan in the final tonight. Aiyah.. I know this is so gona happen. Some aunty said Chong Wei won’t make it. And even if he does, he will loose to Lin Dan. I was so defensive and I said Chong Wei has improved a lot and he is so good now.

I have confidence that Chong Wei will do his best and create a Malaysian record.

I stayed up till 5am last night to watch Lin Dan play against Peter Gade in another semi-final. The match started at 3am. Peter Gade lost to him but Peter Gade was so strong at heart. He’s quite old. He knows he’s not gona win over Lin Dan but he pushed Lin Dan to the max. Lin Dan lost the first game but managed to get back la. I watched the match until I fell asleep because it’s more than 1 hour. I planned to blog but cannot tahan la, tidur je la.

Lin battled to a 22-24 21-7 21-15 victory to stay in the hunt for his fourth world title.

Tonight the world will comes still again to watch the greatest badminton players on earth fighting for the world title.

It’s the final of Yonex BWF World Championship 2011 between Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan.

It’s Chong Wei’s first final in the championship and first time he’s meeting Lin Dan in the championship as well.

Don’t miss it ok. Don’t forget to watch! You can watch it from TV1 or Astro.

I’ve already checked the time for the match. The match is at 12pm London’s time and Malaysian time is 7pm

For those who can't watch it live on tv, can see the livescore from

I wont go anywhere tonight. No dates, no concerts no movies. I’ll just stick onto the TV to watch the match.

Lee Chong Wei, all the best!

The nation is supporting you. The Malaysians are cheering for you. We are proud of your achievements.


*Actually im a bit worried la. I scared the same thing whch happened to our football team, Harimau Malaya will happened to Lee Chong Wei. We all were so hoping that Harimau Malaya can score and win the match with Singapore and then qualified for World Cup but we lost. All of us were so disappointed and sad. Anyhow, i pray hard that Lee Chong Wei can make it la.*

*You people pray hard la he can win, then maybe Najib will give us a public holiday. Then all of us can have a longer Hari Raya break. hahaaa.*