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Sunday, 11 April 2010

manyak PANAS ooo...

haik yo!! ini malam har.. wa kasi lu tau!!


giler mia panas ah! panas sampai GILA! gila sampai PANAS!

itu panas ah bukan sebarang panas! itu panas ah MANYAK panas!



bukan normal mia PANAS!

lebih panas dari kentut dari pungkok. lebih panas dari matahari. lebih panas dari capati. lebih panas dari laksa. lebih panas dari teh tarik tak mau teh!

wah PANAS giler gila tak boleh tahan mau buka baju bogel bogel guling guling masuk bawah katil guling keluar pakai tuala lompat lompat langgar kpla sangkut dekat kipas then pecah pigi toilet renang-renang syiok syiok belly good ah!

PANAS ooo!

wa mau bukak baju pun malu besar, kemaluan besark! badan wa sexy, nanti pompuan semua mali!

tadi ah ada sikit hujan tapi itu kilat manyak manyak guruh lebih lebih.

talak hujan, panas. ada hujan, pun panas. SIKALANG WA MANYAK PANAS OOO!! LUAR PANAS DALAM PUN PANAS!

LEBIH BAIK TAlak PAYAH HUJAN! kalo lu belani huh, lu hujan la, kasi ini Kampar banjir, kasi itu lake pecahk. semua olang tak payah p MAMAK! tido lumah, ponteng class. ini maciam la bagui!

1Malaysia ma. semua olang united PONTENG!

ini maciam mia chuaca manyak susah la!

hot hot kipala boleh picak pungkok pun sakit!

gua tell sama lu! ini hali wa sulah mandi at least 3 kali. TIGA oo. apa lu ingat 30 kali ah? ingat wa chetak MONEY kasi bill air ka?!!

u pernah try mandi manyak manyak kali ah? u belum cuba ah? lu belum cuba belum tahu. sudah cuba hali hali mau oo. n sudah cuba hali hali makan tauhu!

deiiii apa lu gelak gelak, lu gelak pun har wa tell u pun PANAS la!

hopfuli wa halap lepas lu bacha, Kampar flood la, if talak flood, U FLOODKAN URSELF IN THE LAKES LA!! DOINKK!!

*anyway hehe im too free tonight to write nonsense.

i DON'T care

TOMORROW I want to submit my report, eat Sushi and go to gym!

Must! I DON’t CARE!

I CANNOT TAHAN la. I NEED to do it! Im gona do that tomorrow by hook or by crook, by cicak or by biawak, by pondan or by tomboy, by atas or by bawah!

HMPPPH! tomorrow never die!

and tonight..


we do what should we do la ok..



If one person boycott that girl, maybe that person got problem. BUT IF ONE WHOLE CLASS BOYCOTT THAT GIRL, MEANS THAT GIRL GOT BIG PROBLEM!

~ 11/10/2010

QUOTE of the day

"When we aceept life as it is, we can respond appropriately to the way we're experiencing it, rather than just reacting out of fear and aversion."

~ Ajahn Sumedho
~ abbot of Amaravati Monastery in England

JR 1/2009

I'm so proud to be one of the members in JR family. hehe. Anyway let me introduce myself. I am Oh Chin Eng aka OCE from January 2009 intake. Nice to meet you. =p

a night with lovesss

i just got home. hehe.. and im feeling much better. i just feel good.

everything seemed so happening. it wasn't that quiet anymore.

i brought my tripod n we took a  lot of WOW pictures. hehe. we talked-from uni stuffs to politics to entertainment then SEX. walaueh...

i've found my love. not the love between gf n bf. cuz i dun tink i need one now, i don't want.

i've found my love by God, family, friendsss and lastly my camera. My camera is my wife, my best fren, my best companion of all time. i know i can count on my 'wife' everytime im down or happy cuz thru her i can capture, document, express and share my feelings, my ideas, and my thoughts.

Thanks a lot my JR classmates who came out tonight to yumcha. thanks an yong, ai loon, ee theng, sotong, jia min, deng wen, xiang lin, zhi wei, teck joo, jie ee, jing wen. not to forget, sze han from av. =p

i feel like im poured with love tonight. ok u guys din do anything on me but being with you guys and share the moments together is the best love from u all. im so much relieved now after the laughters we had.

this is the first time we went to the lake in this semester. we'll do it again on the last day of final exam. =p