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Monday, 23 November 2009

Semester 3 Final Exam Timetable

Hohoho! Final exam timetable of this Semester 3 is out! Im so happy. I think im not the only one who feel so happy. why?? Haha! let me tell you why.

Semester 3 is a short semester. We study for 7 weeks only from 19/10/2009 to 6/12/2009. Then one week of study break from 7/12/2009 13/12/2009. Then exam.

Based on my syllabus for this semester, me n my coursemates have to take 2 subjects only but im taking 3 subjects. And these 3 subjects are Pass/Fail subjects. No grade will be given. You Do or you DIE! the subjects are:

1.       Sun Zi’s Art of War and Business Strategies (compulsory)
2.       Introduction to French (choose between 3 languages)
3.       Pendidikan Moral (extra)

Moral is in Year 2 Semester 3 syllabus but im taking it now because im super free this sem, i can manage to take extra subject, i wana reduce my subjects for nx yr, n a nice funny lecturer is teaching the subject.

See how nice only 2 subjects for us. Surprisingly we don’t have exam for Sun Zi’s Art of War and Business Strategies. We’ll be given grade based on assignment. This means my friends only have one paper. And I have 2 papers. How nice is that huh? And how funny is that. This is the first time in my life that I’m taking only 2 papers in an exam. WOW!

Anyway this is the exam timetable.

1.       Pendidikan Moral 19/12/2009
2.       Introduction to French 21/12/2009

Hohoho. I have such a loooooooooong study break. My last class is on 5/12/2009 Saturday. Then I’ll go back to Penang in the evening. I have 14 days until my first paper. Im gona eat n sleep n go jolly go jalan jalan go makan-makan in these 2 weeks. I’ll have plenty of time to study…if im hardworking la.

Another good thing is the gap between my papers are just 2days. 19th is Saturday and 21st is Monday. So I won’t feel boring and have to wait in between these 2 papers. At least I still have Sunday to study.

There are cons too. Most of us will surely go back for study break. Then we have to come back to Kampar to take the exam. my friends only have one paper. Come back here for a day, then go back to hometown again. haha. what a ‘holiday’. I bet some of them will feel geram. Yeala, waste of money come back here 1 day then go back hometown. Haha. stay here lo if wana save.

But i think that most of my friends who are taking Introduction to Japanese, they won't go back to their hometown because the exam is on 12/12/2009 Saturday. It'll be a waste of time and money to travel. Just stay here to study la..

I went back to Penang already last 2 weeks. I’ll only be back again during the semester break because I’m really busy these 2 weeks. I have to pass up 2 assignments for 2 subjects. I have French test on Saturdays. And the most important thing is, I have public speaking competition next Wednesday 2/12/2009.

As you all know, the subjects im taking are PASS/FAIL subjects. I actually prefer if they give grade for it. At least the students can improve their CGPA ma. Less subjects, higher chance to get higher CGPA.

For the first time in UTAR, im happy with UTAR Examination and Evaluation Department. So fast they published the exam timetable. It’s easier for the students from Sabah and Sarawak to plan and book their tickets back home. BAGUS! Keep it up! =p


well, this is the parcel, a gift that never reached the receiver. aih.. i thought she received it already.. so sad you know, you did ur best to give something to someone but then it got LOST! WHERE IS IT NOW?!!! =(

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