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Tuesday, 8 September 2009

QUOTE of the day

The biggest killer of mankid is not war, disaster, poverty, diseases, old age, or illness. But it is WORDS.

Silly Mistakes?

People often make silly mistakes. Or should i say repeated mistakes. Or mistakes that shouldn’t happened.

U made a decision then it brings bad effect and you regret about it. Is that sound familiar to you? I made a decision. My friends are not happy with what I did. I expected it from them. I wonder whether my decision is really a mistakes or it’s just a disagreement of opinions or misunderstanding.

All this while, I strongly hold on to my belief that WORDS ARE NUMBER ONE KILLER because I experienced it before. Now my friends felt that by my writing. How irony is that.

Is it good to be truthful and honest? I duno.. I hurt my friends by my sincerity and truthfulness through my writing. People don’t like when we are honest. Because honesty hurts. It’s like when a girl tells you that she doesn’t loves you anymore.

I tak suka bermuka. I tulis apa I rasa. If I rasa tak ok, I tulis tak ok. I don’t like to lie in my writing.

I’m sad that my two good friends are angry. They are such a lovely caring friends to me. they are nice people seriously. we always went out together. They were there for me when I was left out by my friends. We joke around, we sing around.. They were worried when I was so sick few months ago. I’m happy to be with them although they are INDIANS. I LOVE THEM!

My blog is never meant to disgrace, humiliate, downgrade or embarrassed anyone especially my friends.

Writing is my life. It’s my life partner beside then photography. I put all my feelings on it. I express my sadness, anger, disappointment, happiness and excitement through these two mediums. It’s my loyal companions during my ups and downs.

I just said what has happened as what I see and what I hear… Personally I don’t think it is wrong. But I know for people who got blamed and badly perceived at, they feel angry and sad. I feel the same too. No one likes to be blame, accuse, gossiped, backstab, badly portrayed etc.

It has been quite a very long time since I gadoh with my close friends. I never want to gaduh with my friends. Come on friends are friends. What the point of having friends if you gaduh with them?? One of the fears in my life is that my good friends will be angry.

I totally agree that we can’t judge a book by its cover. I might be wrong with my perception that my friends were not sad because I can see them smiling. But what would a normal human being feels if he sees smile on her friend’s face over a death?

I used to say this last time. I forget when was that. I said “different people different opinions, different perceptions, different thinkings, different views.”

I’m sorry Ponney and Visha for offending you. I don’t have any intention to make you girls angry la. In my blog, I didn’t blame you also. I didn’t say u all are happy seeing the cat died. Don’t get me wrong la.. it’s just a misunderstanding. u try to read what I wrote again. please..

Certain paragraphs about government is my complaint about government, it’s not a personal attack to anyone. Anyhow, my blog post is about the cat’s death. Im mourning on her death. It has nothing to do with any human beings on this earth.

I may not disagreed with what you said or feel but im not gona fight over it. It will worsen the situation. I don’t wana lose nice people in my life.. try to be on my shoe.

Honestly, now I dare not to see your faces again. I don’t think I have the courage to even step on your house. no im not angry. not at all. Because you got ur every rights to be angry. =p

I mustn’t let this distract my studies. But im so RIMAS! cannot concentrate. cannot study! Omg! I still have a lot to read up. Come on! Let’s all of us put this behind and move forward la. forgive and forget. No forever enemy in the world. How’s that??

OH CHIN ENG is a peace-maker.

I’m a journalist ma. I’m telling myself this is normal. I must prepared for all this. Not everyone will agrees with what I wrote and what I said. But I must persevere and believe in what I believe. I must be responsible on my reporting.

* God knows what happened exactly that night. He knows what was in my heart. Im a human being. i made mistakes. I ask for forgiveness from You.