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Thursday, 11 November 2010

injection.. again!

this is not the first, definitely not the last time i got injection in Kampar.

I had any injection today.


got stung by some unknown insect while i was riding my bike!!

yea the thing stung me on the road!!


it stung my neck ok. within few minutes, my whole body became so itchy. the pain is just too much to bear. my neck turned red.

went to the clinic with my friend. thanks to her.

oh ya, had an injection there.


sakit gila beb.

u noe. i had mor injections in Kampar compare to my 20 years living in Penang.


life is good! =p i have a lot of things to do, schedule is packed. it's a good thing to keep us alive and life wouldn't be dull.

Im busy till next week.

Joint Operasi Lalang ( JR Gathering ) tomorrow. Balik kampung on Saturday.

good Culture n Communication presentation with Avinesh n Yogish today.

im now rushing for Public Administration assignment. SOrry im late.

the injection is making me so damn sleepy right now. eyes are shutting. tired! im like those drunk guy stim-stim blur-blur.

annek Kopi O' Kaokao satu.