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Monday, 10 January 2011

lost in 2011

Today is like what, the 10th day of 2011?? But why am I feeling so lost, as if I’m already in the maze of 2011 for years.

I don’t feel comfortable with what I’m feeling now seriously. Seriously..

I’m back in Kampar already. Reached here late last night. While my other classmates still enjoying one more week of holidays, I have to be back earlier. There are a bunch of people also sacrificed their holidays to prepare for Orientation this week. Hat off to them. They are really dedicated in what they are doing.

Now back to my story. I feel so stress up la. Yea this is just the beginning of the semester. But with Orientation, SRC, events, studies, Final Year Project, Internship application, etc etc and etc, wah kepala boleh pecah!

I think what bother me the most is SRC. A lot of unfinished plans and things to be done. Hmmm..

The problem now is..


I feel so so lost. Moody.  I don’t know what I should do. I’m so clueless and helpless.

No ummpph! No inspiration!

HOW ah? How?

I need the KICK!!

I need to start working. But brain is not working. Time flies so fast. I can’t afford to waste anymore time. Chances have slipped away.


Oh, I feel like go into the ring for a fight now. Feel like punching someone and let someone punch me. I wana feel the pain lah. Really la. Is there any illegal fighting ring? Eh I wana join. When you fight, you can overcome your fear you know. Cuz u’ll be dare to face your opponent and challenges.

I believe fighting is a good way to train us to face our problems. =

2010 was a good year. 2011? Hmm.. what say you? I don’t think 2011 is a good year because I don’t feel it. But maybe tomorrow I’ll feel differently? So, if you feel it’ll be good, it’ll be good la. And if you want it to be good, you make it good lo..