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Sunday, 3 April 2011

sunday super talkative

Argghhh! Why random thoughts keep pouring in non-stop! Ayoyuoyo! It makes me talk non-stop nia. I’m fed up with my own FB cuz I always see my name. ish. Im so super talkative today. anyway i love Kampar. why so? the rain is beautiful, even the hot sunny burning day also has its own beauty.

For those who are arguing about the alleged Anwar Ibrahim’s sex video, stop it lah. I’m so fed up already. Everyone is so irritated and irked. I seriously feel like vomiting now. Why the whole country and the politicians keep repeating the same issue. Trust me or not, it’s a sex issue and it’s to bring a politician down. Aduih, don’t make a joke here and give unnecessary promotion and publicity for our country. Other people from other country don’t even have energy cuz no money no electricity, everyone is suffering from poverty and disaster but you politicians waste time and money talking bullshit talking cock. You no cock want to talk cock is it??

anyway, Never ever do evil. If not, your guilt will haunt you forever. Win with right and fair way. Don't cheat. Sekali tersilap langkah, musnah segala-galanya.

more than words

I'm touched and honoured when someone special said something so motivating, appreciating and true and yet insinuating.

She said:

You are a person with confidence. If not, how can you be SRC president? You are afraid of nothing. Anything also you’ll do. You explore everything. You bokiasi.

Well, i guess it's kind of true the part where she said im confident.

Thanks Tze Huey. xoxox