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Friday, 27 November 2009

NO moo mooO

Im home! Just reached home at 5.40pm. arrghh! Im super tired, exhausted, pancit! It’s raining heavily out there and im all wet and freezing cold. My battery is out of battery.

Ok so last night I said I wana go look for cow right? Nak p tengok lembu korban rite? I did. My coursemate, Jing Wen followed me. I didn’t go to the Old Town PAS mosque because a Malay guy on Wednesday told me that, that mosque is not having any lembu korban. He asked me to go to Mambang Di Awan, after Kampar town. The place is quite far.

So we didn’t go to that mosque. We went to UMNO mosque at Kampar. No cows!! I didn’t see any cows there.  FINE! So we went to Mambang Di Awan. After I stopped for 3 times to asked for mosque, then only the Muslims told me that they won’t sacrifice the cows today.

WHAT!!! Why?? The men said it’s because today is Friday, so they’ll have Friday Prayer / Sembahayang Jumaat. I see.. yeala. All the Muslims will perform this prayer in the afternoon. To slaughter a cow, they need a lot of time. I think they are worried that they are late for the prayer. They’ll also be very tired then.

So they postponed it to tomorrow, Saturday. Haih.. no COW!! Talak LEMBU!!

What a dissappointment. BUT!! Haha! something else happened. I didn’t want to go back yet bcoz we already travelled that far. I sacrificed my morning sleep to see lembu korban you know..

As usual, Chin Eng did what he’s good at. EXPLORE! Hehehe. Yea we explored Perak. We went to MANY places. Damn syiok la. I spent 8 hours exploring. My neck was so tired. My hands were numb. But every second I spent is worth while. The experience that I get is too valuable and you can even get it if you are RICH!

On the way to sent Jing Wen home, we passed by the Old Town PAS Mosque. WTH we saw cows. We went in and asked the man there. he said they will slaughter them tomorrow, Saturday. Arrgghhh! I can see the celebration here. Why the ****** in the world I travel so far?? Im out of my mind! craze!!

Zzz.. but hmmm.. ok look from the bright side. If I don’t look for cows from other places, I wouldn’t have been to so many places, tasted so many nice food, met with nice people, went into temples and pray, and get free fruit. There is always two sides of a coin.

Haih.. what a day!! Im so sleepy now. my skin is darker again.

I’ll blog about the 8 hours journey and the photos i took when im free la. =p

Ok I wana go bath now. then go have my dinner. Then go prepare for my speaking test for French tomorrow. Then send an email b4 12am.

Till then, see you tomorrow. Tata.

comment that put you to nice sleep

Someone commented on my blog post ‘LembooO korban’ at 3.01am. It’s from an anonymous lah.

It says: orang "FAKIR" miskin bukan "KAFIR".

I was like oh shit! I typed wrongly. It supposed to be Fakir, which means the poor people. It also means the disabled, yang sebab kekurangan, yang tidak mampu, dan orang yang mengemis.

Kafir means the people who are bad, stingy, not considerate, jahil, jahat, teruk, buruk, kedekut and and mengingkari Tuhan. Betul kot..

hehehehe. so funny la from Fakir to Kafir. The K n the F terbalik. So people, it’s FAKIR, not KAFIR.

Ok im shocked! WOW!! Im curious who’s that person who dropped me that comment. I thought of one person only. I only have on eperson in my mind. I didn’t take even a minute to figure out who’s that person. I don’t need the anonymous to tell me who is he/she.

I think I know who’s that person. I KNOW IT! It’s a she. It’s her. I know it’s her. I believe my instinct. Yes. Im confident that it’s her. I can feel it. Wahahah! Confirmed! Confirmed. Aku confirmed!! I’ve checked! 100% SURE!! Woohooo!!

Thank God I made a mistake. Syukur..

If you are reading this now, thank you. Thank you.

Thank you not because of your comment. Thank you because you drop by my blog. It makes a lot of difference.

Anyway thank you also for correcting me. terima kasih.

Hohoho. Im gona sleep now with a smile on my face.

Gnite ppl. Love you. Muax. Tata! =p