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Saturday, 22 August 2009

sahur and tidur

It’s raining cats and dogs again right now in Penang. Lebat gila babi taik cirit berak parit cokodok basi. The 1st splash of rain was from around 3am and ended around 4.30am. Habisla the kampung at Jalan P.Ramlee. Sure flooded. Pity them. 1st Ramadan, they get disaster. This is really a test for them. I guess I’ll have a lot of good shots later on today.

Im so excited to puasa dis yr. I duno y. U know meh? I was eagerly crazily looking forward for thus day. I must be insane! Im not a Muslim but I want to puasa. Siao liao la. I had nestum n a roti for my sahur. My hse no heavy food early in the morning. My dad went out at 6am just now. Duno la where he’s going early in the morning. Funny la if he’s going to sahur. Wahahaahah.

I don’t plan to bersahur actually. Usually I’ll just sleep till sunrise. Then, I’ll ikat perut until I break fast or buka puasa. But I didn’t sleep the whole nite. I was editing some wedding pics. copy here copy thr. Delete here n delete thr. Sakit mata betoi.

By the way. Do u noe wat is sahur? U know? U know? How abt u? duno r? let me tel u. I oso don’t really know. Wahaha. Sahur, on my own understanding, is one of the step in fasting. Before someone fast, he or she must bersahur. Sahur is the starter la.

So what do u do for sahur?? U EAT la. wat else??? Some people wake up as early as 4am to sahur. I guess old people wake up even earlier than that. Y so early? Oo.. Most people wake up early to prepare their meal ma. For the bujangs or hardworking people, they will go out and eat lo. But most mamaks also closed la. Mamak pun mau puasa ma. Some people will cook before they sleep then they just heat it up lo. To make things easier, some will also tapau the night before and heat it up.

If im not mistaken la, Muslims must bersahur before the sun rise. After sahur, they will perform Subuh prayer. After prayer, some will sleep again. Some will u noe.. start their day with work, school or clean the house. Sahur cannot be done too late. I think la.. I think only la.. MUST sahur b4 6.30am. around that time la. correct me if im wrong.

One (1) for sure is. SAHUR IS COMPULSARY!

Then, throughout the whole day, they can eat or drink anything. KENOT! NO! NOTHING can enter their mouth. They have to ikat perut. must control their mouth. Kenot gatai2 eat this n that.

Puasa is good u noe. Make u closer to Allah for the Muslims. Good for health. Good for mental for controlling ur desiressssssss. Good for character building by thinking of the poor and elderly.

Anyway, im going to sleep now. My skinny bony backside is so painful after sitting on the chair facing my laptop for days! LENGUH betul! Sakit la.. Have to wake up at 9.30am to give the wedding pics to my customer. Then im going out with her at 11am. Huhuhuh. So happy giler.

Best to sleep when it rains. Good night folks. See u tmr. Byebye. =p