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Thursday, 1 November 2012

A notice to Facebook-ers

Hi Facebookers all around the world, don't fucking add people who don't know you. And don't bitchly add people if you put up some fake names as if we know you. Save your time from adding new friends if you put your name with the name of fruits, cartoon characters, colours, celebrities, politicians, animals etc. FYI, it's so not glamour and kanasai. Pathetic and sickening. Don't send request too if you don't use your real face as the profile photo, put some celebrities photos as if in real life u r so handsome and pretty like them, and don't allow people to view your profile photos. FB can make you go popular but if you are ashamed of your face and body awarded from God to u n u r embarrassed of the name given by your parents, stay away from me. Go ciaksai if you can. Can you see the small stones over there? Yea just go play far far. thank you.