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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

In Trance

Date: 20/8/2011

Time: 10.31pm

Venue: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

arrrghhh wisdom tooth!!

*Photo taken in 2010*

So have you got your wisdom tooth?

Usually it's located at the very back of your teeth.

You'll have more wisdom and wiser if you have a wisdom tooth is it?

I think many of you heard your friends complain about the pain they have to bear when the teeth is growing.

Some even fall sick and have fever.

Yes my wisdom tooth is coming out now, at the right hand side of my teeths.


I can't chew when i eat, even when i don't use my right teeths.

Actually at the beginning of the year, it already started to grow but i didn't feel pain at all. Then it stop. So my wisdom tooth is only few milimetre.

In July i went to see dentist to clean my teeth. She saw my wisdom tooth. She said it wont grow anymore because it's blocked by another teeth. She gave me a option to either leave it or pluck it.

As i'm afraid of needle and unnecessarily pain, i chose the latter. Furthermore I was doing my internship in media industry, it'll be hard if i can't talk properly.

But these few days, it became so painful. I think it couldn't hold it anymore and it's coming out, makes it clash with another teeth.

The pain makes me so grumpy la.

I can't concentrate.

It's so distracting and it's affecting my daily life.

Wrong timing betul la..

Come out when i have nothing to do for a month la..

I have many important things to do at the moment you know.. I have my Final Year Project, sports event to attend and many more la. Plus, Im travelling oversea next week. How to travel with the unbearable pain..

How la..

I will only be in Penang this weekend. Sure no enough time to see dentist. If it's possible also, the dentist will pluck it and i'll bleed for several days. Then how to travel and eat?

I'm now in Kampar, Kampar where got good dentist? Mahal ah? Safe or not??

ayo ayo pening amma..

Y is it called 'wisdom' when it's so painful.. =(